Rubio Drops More Hints on White House Decision

A week after instructing his staff to “proceed as though he’s running for president”, Sen. Marco Rubio continues to add to the momentum in that direction ahead of what looks to be a mass announcement frenzy, likely just after Easter.

Rubio reportedly performed very well in California this week at an event in which he appeared along with fellow Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul and in which they sparred particularly on the issue of international relations concerning Cuba.

Taking a shot at Rand Paul’s support for the Obama Administration’s decision to open up to Cuba, Rubio fired,

“One school of thought is that if we open up economically to Cuba and overwhelm them with free enterprise that that will change the regime. There isn’t a single contemporary example of that happening.”

Hinting at growing efforts to build a strong coalition, Rubio campaign Chairman Rick Weaver detailed, “There’s a lot of positive momentum right now. Whether they’re in Florida, or in Palm Springs, or in Arkansas, people are really interested in his vision for the country.”