Bush Sets Unprecedented Cash Goal

On the heels of the formation of his Super PAC, Right to Rise, Jeb Bush and company have publicly announced a surprisingly high – and entirely unprecedented – fundraising goal of $100 million… in the first quarter of this year.

The goal represents an ostensible ‘shock-and-awe’ strategy aimed at scaring many of the would-be Republican contenders from entering the race, thus limiting the competition ahead of the primary debates later this year, speculates Bloomberg Politics.

Even if Bush fails to hit the goal, coming close to it would easily set a new fundraising record, which was set previously by his brother in 1999 with a massive haul of $29 million in a single quarter.

Among the many bricks in the wall of his fundraising juggernaut is a big move in Florida where the stated goal is raise $25 million alone. During the 2012 presidential cycle, Republican candidates raised a combined $50 million from Florida.

Still popular in the state he once governed, Bush’s early move could easily secure half that number. Similarly, upcoming events include trips to Texas where Bush will seek to tap the financial network of his brother and father, perhaps netting another $25 million.

Former finance director for George W. Bush, Jack Oliver, commented recently that the increased spending in presidential cycles means that GOP candidates will have to raise at least $100 million in 2015 to remain viable.