Jeb Takes A Shot At Hillary

On the heels of Jeb Bush’s announcement of his new PAC, the former Florida governor is already scoring key staff members to maintain his frontrunner status.

Being called the ‘best fundraiser in the country’, Heather Larrison was secured by Team Bush bringing with her a history with multiple national candidates and party organizations.

And with the train now steadily moving down the track, Bush has taken his first shot at the presumed Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, which helps paint the narrative that he is not concerned with intra-party fighting but rather in beating the Democrats.

During a speech at his first official fundraiser in Connecticut following the formation of his exploratory committee, Bush reportedly stated, “If someone wants to run a campaign about ’90s nostalgia, it’s not going to be very successful.” And in a clear move to preempt comparisons with his father and brother, Bush remarked:

“Do you have a father? Do you have a brother? Are you the same person?”

According to those in attendance at the closed-press event, Jeb warned that Hillary will have to explain to the American people the failed Obama foreign policy which she represented as his Secretary of State.