Jindal Goes to Iowa

Popular two-term Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal raised the stakes in speculation concerning his potential White House intentions this week with plans to return Iowa in which he will meet with Christian leaders to help organize a prayer rally.

Jindal said of his trip, “These are a group of Christian men and women very interested in spiritual revival, very interested in prayer… I’m happy to go anywhere, anytime to talk about Jesus.”

Though not traditionally viewed as the evangelical candidate like Huckabee or Santorum, Jindal’s conversion to Roman Catholicism and his ardent socially conservative agenda in Louisiana offers similar appeal to a conservative Republican primary base essential to competing in Iowa, South Carolina and other southern states.

“If I decide to run, it’s going to be based on whether I think I’ve got something unique to offer.”

Jindal repeated that he’ll make a decision on a run for the White House early this year, but that the candidacy of other conservatives in the race won’t factor into his decision: “I think the more choices for the voters, the better. I’ve never decided to get in or not get into a race based on who else is running.”