Obama Deleted Site Promising ‘If you like your health plan, you can keep it’

With no signs of disapproval numbers for the president’s signature legislation abating, the White House is looking to clean up the mess in its aftermath. But technology continues to prove a difficult thing for the otherwise tech-savvy Team Obama.

After months of delays, hundreds of millions of dollars spent and miscues and missed deadlines, Obamacare isn’t much closer to the level of implementation promised by the administration. And what’s more, Obama and company have attempted to scrub the web of the president’s statements which were later proven to be false.

The Daily Caller has revealed that on the last day of the Obamacare enrollment period, the website, HealthReform.gov, which issued Obama’s declaration that Americans could keep their existing plans was deleted.

But thanks to a website called the Wayback Machine, the old site is still available for viewing and is still emblazoned with the now iconic declaration: “Keeping the Health Plan You Haveā€¦The rule announced today preserves the ability of the American people to keep their current plan if they like it.”

HealthReform website screenshot