Landrieu’s Rock and Hard Place

Having been far outspent in TV ads, down double digits in some polling and all but abandoned by her party, one might think Sen. Mary Landrieu couldn’t be worse off in her bid to save her political life from an inevitable defeat in the December 6 Louisiana run-off.

But it appears she is. Last week, Landrieu quickly jumped onto the Keystone Pipeline bandwagon, rejecting party leaders, in a public spar with President Obama in hopes that her appeal for the pipeline’s approval might curry last-minute favor with voters.

The move was quickly flanked by Republicans as they spotlighted the House bill’s sponsor, and Landrieu opponent, Rep. Bill Cassidy as the face of the effort to approve the overwhelmingly popular project.

When Landrieu returned to her state to continue fervent campaigning, she was met with opposition from the other end of the political spectrum, reports The New York Times.

Wrapped around her home–which is actually owned by her parents–was a line of environmental activists with an inflatable pipeline protesting Landrieu’s newfound love of Canadian oil.

With exactly three weeks from today remaining until voters decide between Landrieu and Cassidy as their next U.S. Senator, the likelihood that the seat won’t flip is nearing impossible.