Cassidy Looking to Big Win in LA Run-off

In what is quickly becoming a foregone conclusion in the Louisiana Senate run-off, Republican Bill Cassidy is adding to the reported 16-point lead in the polls over embattled Democrat incumbent Sen. Mary Landrieu.

According to reports released Friday, Cassidy commands a 180-1 advantage on TV ad buys ahead of the December 6th run-off date, enveloping Landrieu in a sea of media.

Among the largest ad buys was the $2 million expenditure by Freedom Partners Action Fund, back by Charles and David Koch, which combined with Republican party and the Cassidy campaign for over 1,200 ads that ran during the week immediately following the Nov. 4th elections.

The block of TV spots easily eclipsed Landrieu’s paltry 70 ads in the same week, over which campaign manager Ryan Berni lamented, “We would obviously love to have a lot more resources and money, but where we’re maybe a little bit outspent by Republicans — which is not unusual for Mary Landrieu — we have more enthusiasm and energy to get this done.”