Sabato: 53 Is The Magic Number

As reported last week, seasoned political expert Larry Sabato officially called the Senate results in favor of the Republican Party, and now he’s sharpening the pencil.

The University of Virginia professor of Politics and frequent news commentator is making his final predictions ahead of the closing of the polls at 53 seats for Republicans, a decisive margin of control for the party.

Sabato explained of the results that the GOP will win Colorado, Alaska, Iowa, and Arkansas “and, of course, the three gimmes: West Virginia, South Dakota and Montana.”

He continued, “That’s a lot of seats in one year. It’s difficult to see how the Democrats hold on. It does not include North Carolina and New Hampshire. We still have them leaning to the Democrats, but it’s awfully close. Don’t be surprised if there’s an upset in one or both of those states.”

Sabato added that his predictions include the GOP winning both in Georgia and Louisiana despite that one or both of those races may go to a run-off.

Additionally, Sabato predicted the Republican Party will pick-up nine new seats in the House of Representatives and that it will lose three governor’s races.