Democrats Abandon Grimes in Kentucky

On the heels of her thrice public refusal to come clean on whether she voted for Barack Obama, Democrat Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes is on a downhill slide in her uphill battle to unseat Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell. And things just got worse.

After a debate performance typified by her dodging and maneuvering of important questions, the Democrat campaign machine has removed the funds dedicated to her campaign. The DSCC’s decision to stop airing ads in KY is likely fueled by the hope that the money will be better spent elsewhere. North Carolina and New Hampshire are races where the Democrat party has decent hopes of holding strong. The Republican challengers in both states have both topped the latest polls, but are still statistical toss-ups.

In recent weeks polling has continued to move in McConnell’s direction as the Kentucky race has jumped back and forth between RealClearPolitics‘ ‘leans Republican’ and ‘toss-up’ categories.

With less than three weeks until voters head to the polls, Democrats are starting to concentrate fire on other states in order to shore up a firewall of sorts against what increasingly looks like a near-certain victory for Republicans.