Walker Rebounds, Heading for Big Win?

For weeks, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has been fighting for his political life in a dead-heat battle with Democrat nominee Mary Burke as her campaign continued benefiting from heavy union-infused campaign cash, according to The Washington Examiner’s Tim Carney. But the prospects of an upset for Democrats look to be following the way of the Senate races.

Burke’s razor-thin lead over Walker in August appears to have vanished after voters came back home from summer vacation and began plugging back into the political scene. In that time, Walker’s numbers have steadily improved to the watershed mark of 50% while Burke’s have stagnated around 45% according to the latest Marquette University poll.

Carney says the two polls showing Burke with a sizeable lead over Walker were clearly “weaker” and unreliable. On the other hand, the more statistically reliable Marquette poll has shown Walker improving since Labor Day.

Walker’s successive victories — including over a very well funded recall attempt — show a trend of increasing margin of victory. When Republican turnout advantage kicks in on election day, we may very well see a Walker win with as much as 7% or more.