Christie Positions for 2016

Ever among the list of potential 2016 Republican nominees for president, NJ Gov. Chris Christie has weathered a number of storms, both literal and metaphorical, to remain on top of the list of hopefuls.

Despite a number of scandals, contrived and actual, Christie managed to win reelection by 60% in his decidedly blue state. He then went on to win a decisive battle for Chairman of the Republican Governor’s Association, a perch from which he has presided over the hauling of many tens of millions of dollars in campaign cash.

Though many among the GOP base question whether he can command the loyalty of voters in the very conservative red states, Christie may offer the most complete package, columnist George Will points out for The Washington Post.

Will points to history as a guide:

“Americans often elect presidents who conspicuously lack the perceived defect of the preceding president (e.g., Jack Kennedy’s youth contrasting with Dwight Eisenhower’s age, Ronald Reagan’s strength correcting for Jimmy Carter’s weakness). Christie, who exudes executive authority, is the antithesis of today’s bewildered incumbent floundering from the disappearing ‘red line’ regarding Syria to the debacle to the Veterans Affairs scandals to the no-one-tells-me-anything surprise about the Islamic State to the Secret Service that cannot lock the White House’s front door.”

Christie is known for his very direct, no-nonsense style with which he answers the question about his potential candidacy that he’ll make a decision next year. But all the signs are that the chess pieces are already in motion as he crisscrosses the country campaigning for governors and other Republican candidates, the telltale sign of a national candidate who is collecting favors which he will cash in at a later date.

Many see his conservative stance on issues like abortion and education, combined with his ability to compete better than any other candidate with Hillary Clinton, as the Republican’s greatest hope for the White House in 2016.