Republican Ernst Takes Lead in Iowa

With fewer than 30 days remaining in the midterm fight for control of the Senate, it’s do or die time, and Republicans are beginning to capitalize on an increasingly favorable environment.

In Iowa, one of RCP’s on-going toss-up states, the lead has flip-flopped between Democrat Rep. Bruce Braley and Republican Joni Ernst as both sides and their allies continue dumping more money on more negative ads in the race to succeed Senator Tom Harkin.

With fresh new polls out this week, Joni Ernst has retaken the lead in what the GOP hopes will be the final lead change in the race.

The Des Moines Register’s “Iowa Poll” was released showing Ernst with serious momentum and a commanding lead of 44% to Braley’s 38%, well outside the margin of error.

Ernst spoke with Newsmax and said her recent sparring with Braley was a bonus for her campaign: “We had a great debate [Sept. 28], and it was great because I had the opportunity to contrast what I call the ‘Iowa way’ on cutting spending and regulation with my opponent’s ‘Washington way’ on the same issues.”