Will New Benghazi Revelations Hurt Hillary in ’16?

Fresh off her visit with former President Bill Clinton to Iowa last week, Hillary may be taking the first blow to her unofficial campaign for the White House in 2016.

A former State Department official testified to Congress that documents related to the attacks on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi were scrubbed of politically damaging material before being handed over to congressional members investigating the events.

Raymond Maxwell, former head of the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, reported in a private interview that officials were looking for information that might cast Hillary Clinton and other officials in a “bad light”.

Rep. John Chaffetz (R-Utah) confirmed, “What they were looking for is anything that made them look bad. That’s the way it was described to us.”

“For Hillary Clinton’s personal chief of staff and deputy chief of staff to be making a concerted effort to hide documents, make sure that the Accountability Review Board and Congress did not see those documents is unbelievable and absolutely wrong,” Chaffetz continued.

Though Hillary has continued to top the polls in virtual match-ups both with fellow Democrats and with prospective Republican nominees, some say the most hard-hitting details about the failed Benghazi response have yet to be revealed.

Should this be the tip of the iceberg, as some believe, negative media attention for Hillary could open up an important opportunity for presidential primary contenders like Elizabeth Warren to enter the fray.