Breaking: FBI Agents Say Hillary Made A Secret Deal With Lynch

Breaking: FBI Agents Say Hillary Made A Secret Deal With Lynch

Some FBI agents believe Hillary Clinton made a secret deal with Attorney General Loretta Lynch to avoid charges in the criminal investigation into her email system while she was Secretary of State.

According to reports:

“FBI agents are reportedly skeptical of the law enforcement agency’s decision to close the Hillary Clinton email investigation without recommending criminal charges.

Agents told the New York Post that they “believe there was an inside deal put in place” after Attorney General Loretta Lynch met privately with former President Bill Clinton just days ahead of the FBI’s announcement that its year-long probe had ended.

Investigators were reportedly forced to sign unusually extensive nondisclosure agreements that would prevent them from speaking publicly about the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email use.

The FBI’s decision last week rankled Republicans, who have pushed the Justice Department to open a second probe into whether the former secretary of state committeed perjury last year when she testified before the House Select Committee on Benghazi.”



  1. It’s extremely depressing to hear so much evidence against the bitch, back room deals and FBI agents blowing the whistle … BUT NOTHING WILL BE DONE !!!! Please prove me wrong

  2. Given the known facts, the obvious question of the importance of the disclosure of classified information, specifically to what foreign governments or entities, as a factor inhibiting or preventing the government from resolving this case, remains the legal issue. What State Department matters the classification of communications was supposed to protect is the obvious concern, and whether the loss of lives in Libya is directly attributable to the compromise of the security of those communications is the issue which, the American people have a right to expect, will be determined. It is difficult to accept the idea that it is all an hodge-podge of unrelated events and actions.

  3. This report is not at all surprising, given the devious nature of the former President, and the callous, unfeeling, tone-deaf and self-aggrandizing nature of this candidate. It seemed all too suspicious when Atty. Gen. Lynch met with Bill Clinton on a private aircraft on the tarmac in Phoenix (for which he held up his flight to have this meeting), followed by Hillary’s almost immediate comment that she would be comfortable keeping Lynch on as Atty. General. Maybe the Clintons thought no one was watching. Or didn’t care…

  4. Once Trump & HRC begin to politic against each other in earnest the pressure upon HRC will begin to become readily apparent HRC is seriously physically ill & the situation for the DNC/Dem Candidate will decline precipitously…

  5. When someone is suspected of a crime the process is as follows:
    Investigators (detectives or FBI agents) investigate the crime to
    collect evidence. When they have finished their investigation they
    present their evidence to the DA or the Justice department. The DA or
    the Justice department makes a determination as to whether to indict
    based on the evidence.

    By Comey making that determination (which is not his job) he provided
    cover for Loretta Lynch. We have the most corrupt government in the
    history of the Republic.

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