Obama’s Secret Meeting Causes Controversy

Obama’s Secret Meeting Causes Controversy


President Obama’s secret meeting with the richest man in China is causing controversy after Obama kept the meeting off his public schedule…

According to The Hill:

“President Obama on Tuesday met with the newly minted richest man in Asia, Jack Ma, founder of the Chinese e-commerce conglomerate Alibaba.

Ma, whose net worth jumped this year to $33.3 billion, ate lunch with Obama, according to a White House official.

The meeting was private and did not appear on the president’s public schedule.

Ma was spotted leaving the White House complex Tuesday afternoon. He told a Washington Post reporter that the meeting was “very good.”



  1. 0bama not wanting to be impolite, shared a few jokes, that he had doodled as notes in his daily security briefings. He put a smiley sticker over the top secret labels so he had plausible deniability of, I didn’t see the top secret ratings.

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