What Do You Think Of Trump’s New Nickname For Hillary?

What Do You Think Of Trump’s New Nickname For Hillary?

“Lyin'” Ted. “Lightweight” Rubio.  “Low energy” Jeb…It’s nos ecret GOP Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump loves nicknames, and now he has a new moniker for Hillary Clinton.

According to The Hill:

Donald Trumphas a new nickname for Hillary Clinton.

The Republican presidential hopeful tried out “Crooked Hillary” at a campaign rally in Watertown, N.Y., on Saturday.

He had previously referred to the Democratic front-runner as “incompetent Hillary,” according to The New York Times.

Trump has not shied away from nicknaming his rivals.”



  1. I prefer something catchy like “Her Lyness” since she’s expected to have a coronation or HILARIOUS ROTTEN or HILDEBEAST.

    • HILDEBEAST KILLARY ROTTEN OBAMINTON was once discovered inscribed on her Birth Certificate before Barrack Hussein Ovomit personally guided her on how to Legally Seal up every tidbit of personal Info that may be detrimental to her running for The 2016 Demonrat Incompetency!

      SO BE IT

  2. Well I know Trump is a nice guy. But for him to be nice to the biggest Criminal to ever run for office that is too kind. She has more skeletons in her closet then their are in the cemeteries.

  3. ‘Hilarious’…now that her evilness is being ridiculed and quite likely facing jail time… if Trey G. will decide to be the AG. So far, he stated ‘no way’ (more or less anyway).

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