Will Mitt Romney Endorse John Kasich?

Will Mitt Romney Endorse John Kasich?

Rumors are swirling that Mitt Romney may endorse John Kasich today in Ohio.

According to reports:

“Mitt Romney will campaign with John Kasich Monday at two stops in Ohio, NBC News has learned from a source familiar with the plans.

Romney is not expected to endorse the Ohio governor during the campaign swing, the source said, but it will be the first time Romney has campaigned on behalf of a Republican candidate this cycle.

It’s a significant move for the former Republican nominee, who previously recorded campaign telephone “robocalls” for Kasich as well as Marco Rubio.

Earlier this month, at a speech in Utah, Romney lambasted frontrunner Donald Trump as a “fraud” and warned of the dangers to the Republican Party if Trump were the nominee.”



  1. Romney’s endorsement means nothing to me and I doubt if it has any positive meaning for many Conservatives / Republicans. He had his chance and blew it. It he had put as much effort into winning as he is putting in to derail Trump we many not have had the lousy President we have now! No thanks Romney!

  2. Sure hope so. It will be the kiss of death. Please Mitt go for it. You are both RINOS why not? Kasich and Romney are both losers.

  3. Gov. Kasich is my candidate for Vice Pres of the USA, and Pres of the Senate. Only becasue the most important task for the next four years will be to get the Budget balance and to work down our National Debt. Otherwise all other programs will fail. Conservative Governors (like Ronald Reagan) will do what must to done to get a state in good health. It is time for all real Conservatives to support Kasich on his most conservative issues. Under the heading of balancing the budget, most of our Conservative goals can be reached. Among the values of Conservative is to live within your means …. Translate that to mean a “Balance Budget” Trump is better than Hillary of Berni, but we can do better with almost any other Republican.

    • so – – what you are telling us is that you SUPPORT having George Sorros’ hand CONTINUING in our national politics?

      • George Sorros has nothing to do with Kasick any more than he did with Reagan. And his hand will continue on the Democratic side. I expect you know that. Where did you get your information that Sorros has converted to a Conservative?.

          • You are right that I have not been paying attention as to who donates to whom. I am more interested in what each plan to do once elected. So, I have looked up Sorro and Kasick, and I read that some of the people that work for Sorros have donated funds, all the better ….., and Sorros may realize that Hillary is showing systems of Alzheimer’s (She does not seem to remember 9/11), whereas Kasish is the only one addressing the important issue of our national debt.

        • Jazrobean writes: “you are telling us is that you SUPPORT having George Sorros’ hand CONTINUING in our national politics” …. I do not support George Sorros! …. Nor can I prevent George Sorros from being active in national politics! After all, this in the United States! And if for some reason he wants to promote R Reagan’s goals and policies, why should I complain. My issue is not with George Sorros, I may not Agree with him on most issues, my issue is more with the common voter, that does not take the time to study the issues, and then to vote for whomever they are told to vote for.

  4. I guess John Kasich is planning on bowing out, a endorsement from Romney is going to hurt him more than help him. He would make a good person in the senate or the budget committee though

  5. Both Kasich & Rubio should ‘bow out’ & let CRUZ take ‘care’ of Trump..So we can get on with CRUZ as THE MOST HISTORICALLY TRANSPARENT QUALIFIED nominee & GET ON WITH RESTORING OUR REPUBLIC !!!
    S/Sgt. John Sharp, USAF SIS, Disabled Korean War Veteran, 1950-1954

    • What an Amusing line of bullshit. Cruz has sold his political career to the rhino republican establishment (proof in the meeting he had with bush and other rhinos) which leaves him less then transparent. Trump has as much right to be president as Cruz and would be no worse. One thing that favors Trump is he WILL NOT bow to the liberal democrats or the rhino republican establishment like cruz, Rubio and other establishment will.

  6. Well if Romney endorses Kasich that should be the kiss of death for him. So that takes another lying Republican out. Now we down to the two that the crooks in Washington don’t like. That bunch is destroying what’s left of the Republican party which isn’t much after them all joining the Obammy group on everything. Why should anyone support those people that out right lied to all of us.

  7. At the beginning of the primary cycle a Romney endorsement might have meant something to a candidate. But, because of recent events, it’s not so valuable, except in a state like Utah where Romney already endorsed Ted Cruz.

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