Attorney General Lynch Says The Justice Department Won’t Play Favorites With Hillary

Attorney General Lynch Says The Justice Department Won’t Play Favorites With Hillary

Attorney General Loretta Lynch says the Justice Department won’t be doing Hillary Clinton any favors in an investigation that could turn into a criminal prosecution.

According to The Hill:

“Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Wednesday promised that any Justice Department review of possible criminal charges connected to Hillary Clinton‘s handling of classified information would be “independent,” without regard to politics or outside influence.

While a recommendation from the FBI about how to proceed could be months away, Lynch promised House lawmakers that the Justice Department’s course of action will be guided by the law alone.

“That matter is being handled by career independent law enforcement agents — FBI agents — as well as career independent attorneys in the Department of Justice,” Lynch told a House Appropriations subcommittee. “They follow the evidence, they look at the law and they’ll make a recommendation to me when the time is appropriate.”

“This will be conducted as every other case, and we will review all the facts and all the evidence and come to an independent conclusion as to how to handle it,” she maintained.”



  1. BULL SHIT you’ll all kiss her ass just like ya do Obama. You Democrats & Liberals do nothing more then LIE for each other,All us SMART people know the TRUTH nothing will be done to her.She’ll get away with it just like she has EVERYTHING else.

  2. Lynch will send the case to the grand jury, get an indictment, then, Obama will PARDON her after she withdraws from the primary…then, Joe Biden gallops in on his white horse to save the day!:) More fun to come.

  3. There is already favoritism shown by the sheer length of the investigation. The fact that Hillary had unauthorized top secret emails on her illegal computer is so basic, that no further investigation need be made. A report should be coming forthwith recommending an indictment.

  4. I find that statement hard to believe. She wants us to believe that b.s. How stupid does she think we Americans are. When Barack says jump she asks how high.

  5. Lynch will assemble a grand jury, and on the off chance they find the evidence compelling enough for an indictment, Lynch will conduct a fair an impartial trial entirely within the rules of jurisprudence, consider the evidence provided by the FBI (probably deeming some inadmissible), throw out all the false accusations and exonerate Hillary of any wrongdoing. According to Administration protocol. Wouldn’t want there to be any loose ends.

  6. Hillary Clinton could be prosecuted for multiple felonies to which she has admitted, but there have been massive cover-ups since Whitewater. If she were a Republican she would already be in prison so I won’t hold my breath waiting to see if this time will be different. Al Capone, Meyer Lanskt, Charles Luciano, and many other organized crime figures would all be envious with how easily she skates on criminal acts.

  7. Sure, AG Lynch…..we are all holding our breath until your office prosecutes Hillary “Road-Kill” Clinton for violating the espionage act…….NOT!

  8. Talk is cheap, and that is all we have heard for all this time is talk. I’l believe there is action when I see action. Scarry – she says that she will run his case like she has every other case. There’s a clue!!

  9. when Trump gets elected, she and her whole gang will get prison time. we all know Barry’s DOJ will not do anything. they will announce that no mater what the FBI says, there is nothing in the law to prosecute her.

  10. Well, we know what that remark means, a pardon for Hillary after Lynch indicts her BEFORE the creamed color idiot leaves office.

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