Trump Headed For HUGE Win Tonight In Nevada

Experts predict Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump is headed for another big victory in the Nevada caucus tonight, thus giving “The Donald” wins in three of the first four contests and adding to his unquestionable front runner status for the nomination.

According to Politico:

“Donald Trump is the favorite to win Tuesday’s Nevada GOP caucuses, an outcome that would give him victories in three of the four early-voting states.

According to The POLITICO Caucus – a collection of strategists, operatives and activists on the ground in Nevada – Trump is poised to defeat Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio on Tuesday night, despite relatively little attention on the caucuses compared to the three previous states.

Roughly three-quarters of Nevada insiders from both parties predicted Trump will emerge on top, with Cruz and Rubio – who finished behind Trump last Saturday in South Carolina – splitting the remaining vote.”