5 Things You Need To Know About Trump’s HUGE Historic South Carolina...

5 Things You Need To Know About Trump’s HUGE Historic South Carolina Win


Donald Trump didn’t just win the GOP Presidential primary in South Carolina Saturday, he won it in historic fashion.

Here are the top 5 things you need to know:

1. He won every county except 3! The other 3 were won by Marco Rubio.

2. He won every Congressional District, even Cruz supporter Mark Sanford’s, and Rubio supporter Trey Gowdy’s!

3. He won ALL 50 delegates, no other candidate won a single delegate.

4. No one who has won New Hampshire and South Carolina has ever lost the GOP Presidential nomination.

5. He won across the board, sweeping almost every demographic category except for a few. Not as dominating as New Hampshire, but quite impressive.

Don’t let anyone fool you, “The Donald” is for real.



  1. Donald Trump is the only choice for the American People who will serve to protect our laws, constitution, borders and sovereignty!

  2. Donald Trump is for real! A real patholgical narcissistic sociopath bully who insults everuone and would be a disaster in the White House, just like the one we have had for over seven years. Wake up trumpettes!

    • Brad – You are a sad puppy, probably a Killary supporter hoping she could still win. We had enough of the Donkeys, who are only looking out for themselves. It will be a new America, with Donald Trump guiding us ~ he will bring back jobs, get every able bodied person off welfare and in employment, somewhere. Take a little pride, have a bit of dignity, the free pass will be over. Our service people will be helped, our schools and health care will go back to the states, and our Constitution will be followed, to the letter of the law! And that will be the starters, much more needs to be taken care of, like taxes. and lets not forget about illegals, and the wall! Yes, it is going to be a very busy time, but interesting, and all to Make America Great Again!

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