Secret Anti-Trump Billionaire REVEALED

The PAC targeting Donald Trump is being funded almost single handedly by a billionaire who is no fan of “The Donald.”

They aren’t doing too well: Trump has racked up historic victories in New Hampshire and South Carolina after nearly winning in Iowa. No one has ever lost the nomination after winning both states…

According to The Hill:

“A single billionaire provided the lion’s share of the money to the main Republican super-PAC set up to destroy Donald Trump

Marlene Ricketts, the matriarch of the Ricketts family that owns the Chicago Cubs baseball team, contributed $3 million to the anti-Trump super-PAC “Our Principles PAC,” which is being run by former Mitt Romney adviser Katie Packer.

The super-PAC has spent more than $4 millionĀ running attack ads against the GOP front-runner in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. It is the only serious anti-Trump group to date, in a campaign cycle where Republicans have been reluctant to take on their front-runner.

Until now, the identities of the donors funding Our Principles PAC had been kept secret, fueling the rumor mill in Washington. But the Federal Election Commission reveals that almost all the money came from Ricketts. The donor’s identity was first reported by The New York Times.”