South Carolina SHOWDOWN: Trump Threatens Cruz With Major Lawsuit Over Canadian Birth

South Carolina SHOWDOWN: Trump Threatens Cruz With Major Lawsuit Over Canadian Birth

2016 GOP Presidential front runner pulled no punches Monday addressing issues the real estate mogul has with fellow White House hopeful Ted Cruz.

According to The Hill:

“GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump on Monday threatened rival Ted Cruz with legal action if the Texas senator does not “take down his false ads and retract his lies.”

“Ted Cruz is a totally unstable individual,” Trump said in a statement. “He is the single biggest liar I’ve ever come across, in politics or otherwise, and I have seen some of the best of them. His statements are totally untrue and completely outrageous.””Cruz has become unhinged and is lying with the hopes that his statements will go unchecked until after the election and he will save his failing campaign,” Trump added.

Trump said one way he can fight back is to bring a lawsuit against Cruz “relative to the fact that he was born in Canada and therefore cannot be President.”

Trump also called on the Republican National Committee to intervene, saying the RNC would be “in default of their pledge to me” if it doesn’t act.”



  1. I boggles my mind there are so many *&#* minds on the same level as ‘Trump-est’. Nah..Obama got voted in twice ..right?

  2. Donald, your skin is too thin to be a real politician. Politicians never lie; they just tell half of the truth, the half they like. If you really want to be the President of the United States and the leader of the free World, you need to rise above the fray. Read a good biography of George Washington and study why he is the most revered leader in our history. After leading a rag tag army to victory over the British Empire, many wished to crown him as King. He refused and instead led the founders of our country in a new experiment in Liberty we call the United States of America. He was a giant of a man and if you could just lift your eyes to the level of his boot tops, you just might become President.

  3. Once AGAIN, Trump shows his Democrats roots, by threatening a frivolous lawsuit about Cruz’s birthrights eligibility. Trump keeps letting his GOP disguise slip down, exposing his Progressive, democrat core be exposed, but for some reason the Trump Zombies appear blind to these glaring red flags to who the REAL Trump is.

    Trump has billions to throw at what he already knows is a frivolous lawsuit, but he also knows it doesn’t matter the verdict as much as just accusing Cruz of this, will bleed off Cruz support!

    With Scalia’s death and the balance of the SCOTUS in Dire Jeopardy, Trump will, at best put a Roberts-like judge, or worse a full blown progressive Judge if he were to be president, which would be almost as bad as what Obama will nominate. Cruz is the only one that will, without a doubt, work feverishly to put another true constitutionalist on the bench. Folks the election is all about who will be place on the SCOTUS, at this point. The Amnesty issues and all others become moot points, if the SCOTUS is populated with progressive, activist judges! It is that simple.

  4. Are you people kidding me? None of you would ever succeed in high stakes accomplishments if you dont fight back and fight back hard. You lose when you do nothing. You people critizing Trump would be left in the dust pile of history if you ever really competed at a high level. Slander and libel are serious issues, especially concerning public figures. It can destroy you if left unchecked or unchallenged. I hope Trump does sue Cruz and brings the liar to task.

    • well as you know we all have different opinions–and they are suppose to be up there to state what will do for the country not what they country can do for them as stated by JFK but all I hear is attacks on each other,I have had eight years of attacks from Bozo and his sweetness and promises and all we have had is a headache from hell and everyone thought he was the best America has ever had and he would bring a big change well I say he has in everything that suits him and his Muslims brotherhood and his black brothers and the hell to all whites they have to be punished for slaves days I want someone that the people can trust and will be for the American and bring her back to what it was before Bozo destroyed everything we stood for and DT is a billionaire and has never done anything but making money in business and we have no good Candidates to lead America but if I have if I vote and have no choice really don’t know at the moment who I will vote for or if I do

  5. I do not like nor trust Ted Cruz, he has lied several times, that is more than enough for me. Trump is confident & yes, blunt, however everyone knows exactly where they stand. These traits have made him a very successful billionaire & will make him a great leader!!

  6. Donald Trump called Cruz unstable. Wow, if Cruz is unstable, then Trump is completely nuts. I thought the GOP party was supposed to be working together. Wow, they can’t even agree. I am tired of the fighting. Grow up and give the American people someone to seriously consider voting for. I do not thing that either of these candidates are good presidential material.

  7. Trump is playing fifth grade games like Obama–thought being a billionaire he would be smarter than that,Oh! the games that children play for political gain–I am so sick of these threats that he is making about suing and also attacking his opponents,Bernie and Hillary also just make me want to puke.Is there anyone in America left you can trust to lead the country? out of the three and one of them is chosen “God helps us” we are in desperate need they are another Obama reincarnated from hell

    • Thank you for telling the truth. There are no good candidates in this election. I have no idea who to vote for b/c all of them are not qualified to be president. The threats and accusations is getting to be too much, too. We need a leader who feels like they don’t have to threaten the other candidates or act like children to get their way. At this point I would vote for anyone over any of the three candidates, democratic or republican. Just run and you have my vote. As for DT, he is a spoiled brat who has always had his way. That is not a good president. He will have us in war b/c he will not always get his way. I want a president who cares about the American people, not just about themselves. He/she will put the American people before his own needs. Can you see any of the candidates doing that? I don’t, but that is just my opinion. Wake up Americans! We need to take back the power we have in letting these candidates know that we are tired of their bickering and arguing. They need to come together and work as one.

  8. I love the Donald and believe he can make America great but he has to toned down a lot. He is ahead so he just needs to be presidencial. My second choice does lie about Trump and IM not sure on Cruz either. Hope they get their acts together we do not need socialists in the WH 8 yrs is enough

  9. Trump is the suiest individual and now politician in history. Trump’s only comeback to any issue is to sue. It’s really scary to vote for someone who can’t fight uno a uno. I mean without name calling. He is always calling for his lawyers. We need someone with brains to get us out of this mess. Just telling us this is what I am going to do is not going convince me. How you’re going to doing it in a way that is going to work will convince me.

    • Like you know what they should talk about. We know why you don’t care for Trump, be honest and just say so. He is smarter than any one of the others, and the few things he said at the beginning, he would build a wall, he would bring companies and jobs back to this country, that he would help the wounded vets, and the Armed Forces also, that he would get rid of Obamacare, and let the states handle medical coverage ~ now at least three of the candidates, who early on said, how could you ever do that, or build a wall, bring jobs back, etc, etc,. and now they are using those same topics in their own speeches, so why should he, Donald , announce any more of his plans?.

  10. There was a great big piece in the editorial section of Newsday, a newspaper well known in New York, and it was written by a judge again, a well known and experienced in the laws ~ and he wrote quite the article about Cruz, and whether or not he was eligible as a candidate, and after going though all portions of the Constitution, that relate to just this, the answer was – No he is not legally qualified to be a candidate for the presidency. . He is not a natural born citizen, and that ends that. So if push comes to shove, and Donald does take Cruz to court, don’t be surprised at the results.

  11. There is a vast difference of the 1750 political playground compared to today’s. George Washington married into wealth in 1759, never had the privilege to reside in the White House during his eight years as President! There was only thirteen ratified Colonies voting compared to today’s fifty states and a whopping 325 million citizens. The Donald is running for President two years past George’s passing at 67 and his times were virtually 100% Patriotic & Christian based! Other than Donald being utterly Patriotic and Christian too, George and The Donald had a very unique similarity by both standing tall at 6’2″!

    A much better comparison of a today’s outlook of Mr. Trump’s end game is that of Ronald Reagan running against Jimmy Carter in the 1980 Presidential Campaign. It was predicted by the Democratic Party that Ronald Reagan would ultimately and definitively lose to Jimmy Carter but to their utter surprise the very popular ex Hollywood Actor and Governor crushed Carter at the polls and ended up serving two terms and is considered by Historians as one of the best Presidents ever to serve America!

    Future 45th President of the United states of America, Mr. Donald John Trump, Sr., will be the absolute repeat of Ronald Wilson Reagan’s demolishing landslide victory over the Democratic Runner, President James Earl “Jimmy” Carter in 1980.

    The continued underestimating of Republican Runner Donald John Trump, Sr. and the over estimating of Democratic Runner Hillary Rodham Clinton will be the future office’s and cafe’s on spot discussions after Donald John Trump, Sr. Completely knocks her off the Demonrat Broom Stick and tosses a bucket of OZ water on her as a finishing reminder of who is Boss Now!

    But regardless of all the aforementioned truths, Ted Cruz may have some real issues trying to explain his active Canadian Citizenship for nearly 45 years. Ted Cruz is 45 years old too! Even though Ted has recently dropped his Canadian Citizenship, has yet to follow any of the existing USA protocol steps in ratifying his becoming an actual lawful citizen of America! A large tripping step that may directly affect Ted Cuze’s Incumbent eligibility that may get him removed from the running Incumbency due to his mere negligence of USA Citizenship PROTOCOL procedures that are firmly cemented in and by law!

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