Meet the 50 Sexiest Conservatives

As the election year runs full steam ahead, we at Conservative Intel want to provide our loyal readers a nice respite from all the mudslinging. So, we put together a list of the 50 Sexiest Conservatives on the political scene right now. Sure, such things have been done on other forums before, but this isn’t your typical list of establishment commentators and Fox News weather girls (not that we’re complaining). But in keeping with the grassroots insurgency we’ve seen in 2016 thus far, those chosen for this list are real-deal, dyed in the wool constitutionalists with the conservative bonafides to back it up. Enjoy.

Tomi Lahren

This recent UNLV grad may be new to conservative media, but she’s already making waves after her video calling out Obama’s refusal to identify radical Islamic terrorism went viral. Lahren’s pithy, rapid-fire delivery landed her a job at The Blaze, where she continues to delight the ears-and eyes- of conservatives everywhere.

Mike Lee

We conservatives know that looks aren’t everything. Meritocracy is the name of our game, with achievement being valued over Obama-style swag. That’s not to say Lee isn’t handsome in a dad-like way, but as the only U.S. Senator with a perfect conservative score, we’d say his physical features are beside the point really. No one defends religious liberty better than this guy, causing us – and conservatives everywhere- to definitively say “We like Mike.”

Katherine Timf

Beautiful, brainy, and funny to boot, there is no wonder this Hillsdale grad made our list. As a National Review contributor and frequent Fox News guest, her unfiltered commentary on generation: millennial has earned Timf the admiration of many. She recently led the charge against Hillary’s “pro-woman” posturing, highlighting a list of women the former First Lady slandered during the 90s bimbo eruption. No word yet however if these events will keep Bill from making a pass.

Kevin Jackson

Meet Kevin Jackson, the anti-Al Sharpton. A former management consultant, this father of four is now owner and operator of The Black Sphere, a website and radio show that challenges the the left’s obsession with victimhood. With his natural charm and sarcastic wit, Jackson takes down the race-hustling crowd like no one else. As a guiding philosophy, he rejects identity politics, believing what one says and does matters far more than what their race is, what their gender is and how they look. But hey, we don’t think it’s an abandonment of principle to acknowledge he’s got the action and the appearance down pat.

Ying Ma

This trailblazer learned about freedom when her family immigrated from Communist China, only to witness decades of failed social policy after settling in inner-city America. Personifying the bootstrap mentality, Ming earned her law degree, went on to publish esteemed conservative commentaries on economic and foreign policy, and currently serves as deputy communications director for Ben Carson for President. With a resume like this, not even Donald Trump could find fault with this immigrant’s inspiring story of American triumph.