Trump Holds Big Lead In South Carolina, Beats Cruz Among Evangelicals

Trump Holds Big Lead In South Carolina, Beats Cruz Among Evangelicals

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Donald Trump holds a large lead as voters head to the polls for the GOP Presidential primary in South Carolina in just over a week. The election takes place Saturday, February 20.

Trump has double the support of his closest competitor, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

The real estate mogul also leads Cruz among evangelicals, a critical voting block in a state that is also big on military issues…

According to The Hill:

“A new poll released Friday shows that Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump has a sizable lead in South Carolina coming off his win in New Hampshire.

The poll by Georgia-based Opinion Savvy has the business mogul leading the field with 36 percent support in the state, just eight days out from the primary.

His nearest competitor is Iowa caucus winner Ted Cruz, with 19 percent.┬áIn a reversal from Iowa, Trump leads Cruz by 10 points among evangelical voters, a group that makes up 60 percent of the state’s GOP voters.

Marco Rubio comes in third place, with 15 percent, followed by Jeb Bush, with 11 percent, John Kasich, with 9 percent and Ben Carson, with 5 percent. Just 5 percent of those surveyed say they’re undecided.”



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