HUGE New National Poll Shows Great News For Trump: The Other Candidates...

HUGE New National Poll Shows Great News For Trump: The Other Candidates Aren’t Going To Like This

Donald Trump’s latest poll numbers are bad news for the rest of the GOP Presidential field.

Trump has the support of nearly 50% of Republicans nationwide, nearly tripling his closest competitor, Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

According to The Hill:

“Donald Trump has more than double the voter support of any other Republican White House hopeful nationwide, according to a new poll.

Four in 10 Americans are backing the real estate mogul’s campaign after his victory in the New Hampshire primary last Tuesday, according to a Morning Consult survey released Friday.

Trump earns 44 percent support from registered Republican and Republican-leaning independent voters. Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas) comes in a distant second, with 17 percent.

Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson and Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) are in third, with 10 percent each.

Trailing them are former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, with 8 percent, and Ohio Gov. John Kasich, with 4 percent.”



      • Decency, this is your choice” OMG!! Get educated about the Clinton’s. Maybe it is Bill for you as he is a very decent man. From the water gate to now Hillary has lied and used corruption. I live near their home in Arkansas and the Clinton’s are all about themselves. Tell the soldiers how wonderful she is. Tell the body guards of which I am friends with some. They all say she is as rude as they can get. Not the Obama’s or others by Hillary!! You really must be young and inexperienced with politics. Anyhow what does it matter, who cares!!

    • Trump will get almost no votes from Democrats, because he deserted the Democrat Party in order to run in this election and because Hillary and Sanders have sucked up all the liberal votes. Without support from his Democrat/liberal base, Trump cannot win.

      • Your statement is absurd…..but so is the fact that your boy, the so-called “uber-Conservative” and “Evangelical Christian”, Ted Cruz spreads lies and makes false statements about fellow Republican candidates.

        Intelligent people are waking up to Ted’s deceptive tactics….You should also.

        • During a campaign, I think all candidates stretch the truth and Cruz is no better in that regard and certainly not worse than Trump. However, Ted Cruz is the best candidate to lead the US and for that reason alone, I continue to support Cruz.

          I am not a Christian, so I cannot evaluate your use of the term “Evangelical Christian” in a derogatory way. Do you feel the same way about Mormons, Jehova’s Witnesses and Seventh Day Adventists, et al?

          • Please show me the “truth stretching” or any lies from Trump, you seem to know about.

            Your false premise of me using the term “Evangelical Christian” as “derogatory” towards Evangelical Christians, is either your inability to comprehend the english language and lack of reading skills….or…’re purposefully attempting to twist my words to fit your narrative.

            SO, I will slow it down for you and make it clear…..Ted Cruz CLAIMS he is a “Evangelical Christian” …..YET, he spreads lies and rumors and makes false statements about his fellow GOP candidates. NOT very Christian LIKE.

            BTW ~ I am a proud Christian and do not disparage against my faith or any other religions.

          • That is true. Reagan switched and made a name for himself as Republican Governor of California. That gave voters reason to believe his change of direction was real. With Trump, one must assume that he will stick with his lifelong support of liberal/progressive causes. His running as a Republican does not prove anything.

          • Right over your head!! I assume you to be very young. Yes he was a democrat and that is the point! He said “I never left the democratic party, they left me!” Hell i WAS a democrat. There is a saying that if your not a democrat and you are less than 25 you do not have a heart; If you are older than 25 and you are a democrat you do not have a brain! Sanders and Hillary count on the brain dead.

          • Your assumptions are incorrect and you know what they say about that.
            I am likely older than you, But,, of course, I don’t know for certain nor do I care. And, you clearly mis-read my comment. I was simply pointing out that Reagan was not a Democrat when he ran for the presidency. I was a Democrat until I saw the direction the party was following. So, became an independent and have remained so ever since.

          • No that remark did NOT say while he was president. I said he was a democrat and I quoted his actual remark to the party leaving him. Assumptions have nothing, zero to do with a fact! A fact is not an assumption. You are likely older than me? Is that your assumption?? I as well left the democrats as well as republicans which are all in the same. it is making the choice of the best of the evils. Well if you are over 65, born before 1951 then you are indeed older. if you are not then so what!! So likely you are older!! He ran for president on the republican ticket. My statement was just to say he was and not is.

          • “What difference, at this point, does it make?” :-) What mattered was Reagan saw what was happening and made a change. He ran as a Republican and won as a Repulican. I have a relative who has always been a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat. ALWAYS voted a straight ticket but he is going to vote Republican this time because he sees what direction the country has been going these past 7 years. Not good. The party has left a lot of its members. I hope all of them will vote Republican. Time for a change.

        • If your main reason for voting is to choose a winner. It appears that Trump will get about 30-40% maximum of the Republican vote. That is not enough to win. Very few Democrats will vote for him (probably only the ones you have spoken with). Therefore his candidacy is doomed to failure.

          • And so you want who?? Who do you think is best? Please not Hillary or Sanders. You can talk as to what you believe and so can I but that means nothing. The nation is tired of the democrat game and the debit we are in. I suppose you do not follow trump but he is getting a lot of support from the left .

          • Hello! Gerald. Me and my friends are very conservative. Raised our family in a very conservative traditional way.

            When we first heard about Donald J Trump’s candidacy we all laugh thinking it was a joke and tried to ignore him. As the whole drama of events came along. We all stopped and started paying attention to him.

            I disagree with your comparison with Donald J Trump and Obama. Not even close.

            Our own children especially my son and my daughter just adored Donald J Trump and his children.

            You are in titled to your own opinion. But my family, friends and children’s friend do believe without a doubt that Donald J Trump will become one of the greatest presidents of the USA and will make America great again.

            God bless the
            USA and Donald J Trump

          • Thank you for your polite response. I think that we can agree to disagree about Trump. My view is that he is not a nice person, nor is he being honest with his supporters. He is definitely NOT a libertarian and would do many things, honest and dishonest, to get his own way.

            My problem with Trump is that his goals are not clearly stated. For instance, “I will make America great again” is just a slogan, without substance. The real Q is what will he DO to make America great again.

            In any event, Trump does appear to be better than some others with his same ideas, e.g. Hillary, Sanders and Obama. I hope that if he is elected [slim chance] that he will carry out that part of his agenda that is libertarian and forget that part of his agenda that is authoritarian, so that he will not be a dictator, like Obama is trying to be [supposedly for our own good.] Trump, like Obama, is a person who knows what is better for you, than you do yourself. In other words he is an elitist.

          • Gerald, As a lawyer as I see you are, you should know better than to state things that are hearsay on a post without and FACTS.In a court room if you did that the Judge would call you too the bench and let you know that.By the way, who told you that all you said was going to happen.?A little bird.

          • We are not in a courtroom, Jim. We are having a civil discussion about who should, or is likely, to win the next Presidential election. By the way hearsay is not allowed in a court proceeding, with certain exceptions, FACTS, or not.

          • Most of the Democrat friends that I know will only vote for Donald Trump this coming election.

      • Hogwash! As chairman of my county party, I am only getting calls for ONE candidate – TRUMP! Dems and independents ARE breaking for Trump too! Get in or get out; if Donald can get the nomination, we will have a President Trump!

          • That is your talk but it seems many do not agree. i suppose you think Sanders is best? maybe Hillary with her “proven ” corruption? Maybe someone else. You talk the talk but you fail to say who you think is better. Tell us old wise one who is it or stop the BS.

  1. Candidate Nicknames ~

    Jeb Bush ~ “Momma’s Boy”
    Rubio ~ ” Water Boy”
    Ted Cruz ~ “The Cuban, Canadian Manchurian Candidate”
    Kasish ~ “Goofy”
    Trump ~ “Alpha Male”

    New National Poll out today (02-12-16) ~ Donald Trump is at 44%…..leading all GOP candidates.

  2. Donald Trump does not fit the typical image of a Republican President, but his credentials may fit the need of the hours rather well. In contrast, Ted Cruz at first glance, fits the image of a conservative President rather well. I say at first glance since it has become clear to me that Ted Cruz has laid out a better image of himself than actually fits reality. For example, Ted Cruz calls himself an Evangelical Christian, but then proceeds to be deceptive in his arguments, his emails and his postal mail to potential voters. He portrays himself as independent of the Republican establishment, but then proceeds to call for a flat tax that in reality can only be balanced on the backs of the middle class. This call for a flat tax is one of the primary goals of the Republican Establishment. As such, any candidate supporting a flat tax is likely bought and paid for by the big-money donors who manage Washington politics.

    In contrast, Donald Trump appears to be so independent of big money donors that he can allow himself to be quite forthright in his evaluation of the needs of the country as he sees them, and his capacity to remedy such needs. That level of independence from PC-think, media deference and establishment politics does get him into hot water occasionally, but for many people it is quite refreshing.

    In order to evaluate Donald Trump, I listened to three of his books and four of his stump speeches. Surprisingly, I have yet to catch him lying. In contrast, he repeatedly indicates that lies are the biggest deal breakers and, once a person gains a reputation of being deceptive, it becomes extraordinarily difficult for them to make significant deals. Think about it for a moment. How many cars would you purchase from a dealer who ripped you off?

    If you want to understand the real Donald Trump, I would suggest watching the YouTube video of him being interviewed by arch-liberal Barbara Walters. Frankly, he is disarmingly honest in the interview and his family relationships also appear to be very genuine. If you have the time, Donald Trump’s book, “The Art of the Deal” is also very instructive. Youtube has an audio version of this book, but I wish that Trump would re-release the original audio version. It is highly instructive about the man who may become the next POTUS.

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