Bobby Jindal Backs Rubio For President

Bobby Jindal Backs Rubio For President

Former Louisiana Governor and ex-GOP Presidential candidate Bobby Jindal announced Friday evening that he is supporting Florida Sen. Marco Rubio for President.

According to The Hill:

“Former Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal on Friday endorsed Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio, the second former GOP presidential candidate to endorse him.

Jindal described Rubio as a “principled conservative” during an interview with Greta Van Susteren on Fox News’s “On The Record,” saying Rubio could “unify our party” and win in November.

His backing of Rubio comes amid debate over Rubio’s conservative bona fides in the GOP race, after rival Ted Cruz won Monday‚Äôs Iowa caucus while Rubio placed third.Jindal ended his own White House bid in mid-November after going hard after front-runner Donald Trump, who placed second in Iowa.”



  1. Don’t let this guy Jindal back into Louisiana because he is some kind of crazy, Just like the people running the Washington DC establishment now..So go away Bobby Jendal.

  2. Two ineligibles who want to be POTUS and will do anything to pretend they are qualified and fly in the face of our Constitution and Constitutional Republic; both are Progressives hiding in Conservative cloths.

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