Cruz Apologizes To Carson For Caucus Controversy

Cruz Apologizes To Carson For Caucus Controversy

Ted Cruz has apologized to fellow GOP Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson after controversial campaign tactics as the Iowa caucuses were underway.

According to The Hill:

“Iowa Republican caucus winner Ted Cruz on Tuesday apologized to fellow candidate GOP presidential Ben Carson for spreading a rumor that the former neurosurgeon had dropped out of the race.

What the team then should have done was send around the follow-up statement from the Carson campaign clarifying that he was indeed staying in the race when that came out.

“This was a mistake from our end, and for that I apologize to Dr. Carson,” Cruz said.

CNN had reported that Carson was planning on going home to Florida after Monday night’s caucuses, which the Cruz campaign misinterpreted as a report that he was dropping out of the race.”



  1. Soooo…basically, Trump would have won if Cruz didn’t get a lot of Carson’s votes…I guess the next one will tell for sure.

      • excuse me but look at the evidence in front of your face. Cruz just did it, what does a verbal apology do after treachery like that. It’s easy to say but what about consequences for those that perpetrated it!

      • Because it was no accident, he new very well Carson didn’t quit. That is typical cheap shot that he was known for even before he went to DC. Looks like he fits right in with the rest of them in DC

    • What do you have against Sen. Cruz? He has stood up for his conservative views on many things, when the “establishment” should have stood with him. He for sure is for upholding the constitution, that is more than you can say for many in the Repub. party. I call them RINOs. I lean towards Trump, but haven’t made up my mind yet. I could vote for any of the GOP candidates before voting for either of the two communists. If I had my way, they would be bared from running for public office in any capacity. —-of course there are many in government that would have a hard time meeting my criteria for public office. I probably have too high expectations. I doubt we will ever have many men of high integrity, who respect the constitution & our American culture, who believes in American Exceptionalism, who would not allow allegiance to any other flag but the US flag. Anyone who finds the American flag to be offensive, needs to find another country to reside in, That’s my story, & I’m sticking to it.

      • Because it was no accident, he new very well Carson didn’t quit. That is typical cheap shot that he was known for even before he went to DC. Looks like he fits right in with the rest of them in DC

        • How do you know “very well” what Cruz knew??? It was reported on CNN. MOST would have assumed the information to be accurate.

          • Seriously? I don’t think anybody would assume CNN got anything accurate unless its suits your agenda.

  2. I think that Steve King is the biggest culprit along with all the folks at the top who chose to jump on this as a gift instead of checking with Carson’s team… who believes CNN anyway?

  3. In a live situation mistakes can be made. But Carson fell about where he was predicted to fall. Ted Curz’s campaign and others had reported they expected to do a lot better then predicted. Even other campaigns said his ground game was huge. People were already voting when that rumor got out. I saw where one of Cuz’s media folks got that information but when ask if she could send it out she was told by the head folks no because it had not been confirmed. It sounds like people got to talking about what was reported and and it just spread. But are you telling me Carson voters couldn’t have found out if it was true or not???

      • They have been trying to destroy him since he came to the senate. Put everything under a magnifying glass and you will always find something. It’s amazing to me how messing up is not on equal territory. I’m not a Cuz supporter as of yet. I’m actually looking a Rubio right now. I know he is not perfect either. I like as he reminds us Jesus Christ is the only perfect one. He looks presidential, talks presidential and demonstrates real compassion and love for his country. I also like the fact he can talk and give s speech without always reading a TelePrompTer. Campaigns are not perfect unless you are Hillary and you get a pass on everything a coin toss to win some precincts. Give us all a break.

        • This ‘incident’ & the ‘comments’ here have ALL the ‘earmarks’ typical of the known characteristic habit of ‘news’ or stories started ‘ @ one end of the ”line” & by the time it arrives @ the other end of the line..”it’s” FAR.. FAR fetched from the ‘original’..Typical ..typical…typical..Especially when it’s ‘leaked’ by
          CNN !! or msnbc, or abc, cbs, nbc..etc..etc. etc..!!

          • Yes CNN released a press release stating Carson was ending his Presidency. Cruz team should have checked it out before saying anything. But I can see in the hype of things you go with it. Who would ha e thought the # 2 cable new would ha e done that. For them it had to be deliberate the question is why did CNN do it. I think Carson should be more angry with CNN. Yes upset with Cruz team but not getting into the trenches as say Cuz set out to harm Carson when it was CNN who set out to hurt him.

          • Not true. CNN reported he was going to FL they did not say he was quitting the campaign. The Cruz campaign tweeted that

          • I heard two different reports on the CNN release of Carson not going to NH and going home. I have no problem saying if I made a mistake. They did say he was going home and not going to NH or SC and would be attending the Prayer Breakfast on Wednesday. They also said if you are running for President you don’t go home and take a break. Which they found unusual.
            Cruz’s campaign should have check it out. I’m still confused as to why Carson’s caucus leaders didn’t announce that it was untrue. You would think they would have made a big deal about it themselves. Even now it seems like not every caucus group was hearing anything about it. I hope Cruz got his folks straight and I hope Carson communication folks do better. We sure are hearing about how the democrats should release all their votes because of voter fraud. If this thing with Cruz/Carson had any legs it would still be being fed by the media on all sides. Carson is a good man with a good heart. But this country will never elect him as President. The numbers have never been there for him. I think it would be very smart if he was ask to serve in some capacity with the next President.
            The bottom line is we have to get behind a republican candidate and support whomever it is. I wish for all of us this stuff didn’t have to get ugly. But again according to statistics negative ads and media play well. Not with me I look at the person and I research them and I listen to what they are saying. I hope none of us lets the media decide another presidency. How about equal time for all. How about holding them all accountable for what they say and do. I’m not PC about anything but I don’t call people names or I try not to be rude. I wish Trump would tone it done. Say the truth not be PC but stop with the insults. This Megyn Kelly thing is so far out there that He has caused me to stop listening to him. If he is as good as he says he is the speak the facts. Tell us what and how he will do things to get the job done. How about I am a business man I know how to put together a strong team. I know how to manage. I have the vision of what is needed and I get it done. This is how I go about prioritizing, developing a strategy and then implementing it. With details. Have all them all start doing this and cut out all the junk.

          • Sarge, thanks for serving in a nasty war. You are a true American, & BTW you have conveyed my feelings even better than I ever could, thank you again.

          • Wrong wrong wrong….. Evidently you don’t watch the new’s Cruz is not popular in the ( establishment )

          • Cruz is no way the establishment. He has stood up in the senate against his own party trying to bring about change. He has kept his word to the voters who elected him. The establishment is against him in every way. He has be black balled in every way in DC. But if the other senators would have stood more with him we would not have a lot of things that have been crammed down our throat. No he is not the establishment. I don’t think Rubio is either. Now for the others running with the exception of Carly F, Ben C, Mike H they are all establishment.

        • Susan:
          I really wish that you would take really good look at Dr. Bern Carson. He is all of the best of Cruz and Rubio, but more than both of them combined in conservative ideas and philosophy. Please look him over beginning with his speech at the Prayer breakfast, at the Value voters Summir, at the NRA convention. He is consistent and right on!

          • I already have looked at Carson. I have watch the entire prayer breakfast speech. I have also followed him since he decided to run for the presidency. I have no problem with Dr Carson I think he is a great person I love his life story and what he stands for. I don’t think he is or has been strong enough to win. My hope is that whoever (republican) wins the presidency I hope they have the good sense to utilize that man in their administration in a very visible way. I think Trump has good business sense and I feel he would put the right kind of business person in each area. However, I’m afraid he could cause some major problems in other areas. Ted Cruz is a conservative and I believe he is a man that keeps his word. He too believe in this country. I hate to say it but I don’t think he has the personality needed. He doesn’t connect with the people as he should. Marco Rubio reminds me of a young John Kennedy. He comes across as real and he connects. All of these folks are smart and knowledge. But we need someone who will unite our country again. Someone who will put the country first. In doing so you don’t have to have a bully pulpit. Ronald Reagan new how to be strong and also how to be meek. I see Rubio this way. Cruz when he is just talking I love to listen to him. But I don’t like how he comes across at times. I’m just tired of what we have been through as a people. However, anyone of these three would do more for America as a whole the any democrat.

          • Susan: Thank you for your thoughtful reply. Most of the others: Trump, Cruz, Rubio have baggage. Dr. Carson does not. What we need in the White House is a sensitive, conciliatory, team building, common-sense, healer. He is the only one who has answered the 2 a.m. phone calls and sprung into action to make critical decisions on the spot to save lives. None of the others have that kind of a track record. He has coordinated teams of upwards of 50 medical specialists to perform critical surgeries in several foreign countries. Read Candy Carson’s “A Doctor in the House” and get a window into the faith based family that would be a fresh air in the White House and leading our Nation. Watch as he speaks at the National Prayer Breakfast as the only person who has been invited to address us at that venue for THREE times! Billy Graham was invited twice. Dr. Ben is humbled by this institution and my prayers are that he will show us his true Christian servitude and his wise counsel for healing our Nation!

          • Brad:
            It’s refreshing to read your blog. Well said. It is hard sometimes to believe what’s reported, much less the internet. I’ve been a supporter of Cruz and heard at one point of a terribly sexist comment made by one of his senior staff members. I suggested in an email that if the comment was true, the staff member should be fired. Since then, I’ve heard nothing about it, leading me to believe it wasn’t true. It’s still a tough call between Cruz, Rubio and Carson, though I’d love to see more support for Carley.

          • Bruce:
            Carly is a very bright, seasoned, conservative and would be a good VP choice for Dr. Carson and certainly would be an excellent member of his cabinet

          • Brad, I agree with you. Dr Carson is truly an impeccable man, a decent man of principal & integrity, a brilliant man, I have really been impressed with him in every way, but I am not sure he could beat Hilliary or Bernie, also, could he get nasty & dirty with say, Putin, or the guru in Iran, I think maybe he would have some on his staff who could get down in the mud with these yea-hoots if necessary, but he needs to convey that to people like me, who would support him if I could have some assurance that he could represent us [ the USA ] with great honor & not let some jerk, pull the wool over his eyes like the Iranian guy has Obama.

      • Unfortunately Brad your not paying attention Dr. Ben doesn’t have a snowball chance in hell of winning. Watch and see.

      • Brad, let’s all get a bucket of rocks & go throw at Sen. Cruz. I have not heard the true facts, all I have heard are assumptions. I heard Dr Carson’s accusations, but even he did not come out & accuse Sen. Cruz of doing something under-handed, the story I heard from him, was he was not sure how the rumor got out, maybe we will find out, I saw where Sen. Cruz apologized, but it wasn’t clear to me he had given the OK to go ahead, full speed as if this was indeed a known fact, I do not mean to be trying to present a case for Mr. Cruz, I just have not heard the true facts yet. BTW, I am for Trump as of right now, or Sen. Rubio, however with what I know now, I could support Sen. Cruz, if he wins the GOP candidate fair & square. There is no conceivable way that I can think of, that under any circumstances would I vote for Hilliary or Bernie, they are both communists & should go live in NK as far as I care.

    • You people are such hypocrites just as Cruz is. You tell a lie just before a caucus then say it’s Carson’s fault for not telling people he was still in the campaign! This was done intimation ally! The news stations would not have corrected the mistake because they didn’t want Carson to win just as they don’t want Trump to win because they can’t buy them or make them do their biding. This was planned and carried out with forethought. Shame on those that will make excuses for liars and cheats!!!!!!!

      • Did you not get the message. CNN reported Carson was leaving the race after Iowa. Cruz’s team said to share this since it came out late. However, why isn’t CNN the bad guys it looks like to me they should have reported it correctly. Against Carson should have had someone at each location that could have been told by Carson’s team it was not true and to make that announcement. Understanding things happen but this was not planned unless CNN planned it. What is wrong with the people in this country. Don’t you seek out the facts about things? Oh of course not if that happened our country wouldn’t been in the shape it is in.

        • You are misinformed.
          Moody, and the other CNN reporters said Carson would continue campaigning after taking a break at home in Florida. His next stop, they said, would be Washington, D.C., for the National Prayer Breakfast on Thursday.

          During CNN’s live coverage, Jake Tapper and Dana Bash called the move “very unusual,” but said nothing about Carson dropping out of the race.

  4. If you are willing to ignore the moral value so to achieve your goal, and apologize later – that itself is call corruption. (If no one tells, you will just sail through). The damage was done because it was done with an intention to win no matter the cost.

    How sure are we then you will not do the same to achieve your goal when you are the president. If you are bought by the establishment, surely you will sell Americans out to achieve your long term goal. So what is the difference between you and hillary and bernies, except you are running on a different platform (bringing GOD name and Bible verses to secure Christians vote).

      • I would not go so far as to say that, perhaps it was a worker for Sen. Cruz who was listening to CNN & misunderstood, or CNN may have reported that Dr. Carson had dropped out & was going home to Fla. I will not be so ready to throw Sen, Cruz under the bus until I know the details are indeed facts. I did not hear Sen. Cruz’s explanation of this.I cannot believe Sen.Cruz would personally condone such a blunder if he had known the “rest of the story” as Paul Harvey used to say.” I would appreciate knowing the bare facts if someone has them, not he said, they said, he said w/o facts to back it up. Thanks!!!!!!!!

        • I heard Steve King “describe” what happened on the Laura Ingram Show–Laura didn’t believe him and neither did (do) I!
          Shabby behavior one might blame on a campaign novice,eh? don’t think King is a novice.

          • Not a novice, a calculating manipulative creep. He is worthy of a slot in Hillary’s campaign.

        • I saw CNN and they said that Carson was “taking a break” and not quitting. Cruz people are the only ones that jumped on that and got Cruz so many votes that he went past Trump on Carsons votes. He should ask for a re-count but no, that would be honest.

          • You are an idiot. Cruz destroyed Trump in Iowa with or without the handful of votes that this might have affected.

          • It wasn’t a handful. They called every precinct Cruz had (90). Hours before the votes, hours, Trump was quite a bit ahead of Cruz. Cruz illegally stole Carsons votes on top of his own. Carson was up at about 10%., so Trump is the winner actually.

        • Is just an email or phone call away to confirm Carson suspension. Don’t you hate it when ppl try to cover up or overlook the mistake they made? Cruz would easily get away if no one reported. What would you say if Carson was the one who did that to Cruz and Cruz supports jumps ship into Carson and the winner was Carson. No one should believe what the media said until the candidate suspends his campaign publicly. Are you telling me, Cruz worker are so naive to even know that?

  5. I am for Dr. Ben Carson. I do not believe Ted Cruz would do something underhanded. I had read the same CNN report, but would not have believed it, unless it was confirmed by Dr. Carson. We each need to verify information before we believe it.

  6. Cruz has been my second choice, by far, so I will accept his apology. Dr Carson’s staff has contributed< unintentionally I would add, as a result of the Accident which killed a staff worker. I still feel that he is the ONLY candidate besides the Doctor, who can handle the job which needs to be done, that is to re establish the United States to it's proper place of being the leader of the free world. We need to keep him in the top two!

  7. Cruz is a skunk. Shady and nasty trying to pass himself off as the epitome of good Christian ethical behavior. He creeps me out and gives me the same vibe Obama gives me–a self serving narcissist…

      • No cogent argument call names. Cruz gives Trump a run for his money in the narcissist category. Trump has at least accomplished something in his career besides drawing attention to himself and alienating everyone in Washington.. And I am not a Trump fan or supporter–but just recognize Cruz for the opportunistic fake he seems to be. I believe in the US I am still entitled to an opinion. Because you don’t agree doesn’t make me stupid. Your reply does make you intolerant.

  8. Some bad info was provided by a third party which resulted in this. How many folks did not vote for Ben because of this? Hmm You don’t know you say. If you were going to vote for Ben and this came would not ask Ben’s campaign about it? Now go ahead and blame Ted for his campaign’s error but Ben did not lose because of it and neither did The Used Car Salesman Donald Trump.

  9. Just another lying stinking politician. They lie the say Ben Carson should have let the public know he was still in the running. Shame on Cruz. Lets me know Cruz will stoop to the bottom of the barrel just like Killary Clinton and hide behind his Christian values. Such a hypocrite. No respect left for Cruz! I thought he was different but I guess not.

  10. doesn’t surprise me one bit all politicians are born LIARS just look at killer hillary and barry obama for example now Cruz no wonder America is in the tank

  11. Guess this character never had such great parents…don’t we teach our kids that there ARE consequences for bad behavior? Apparently, we need to teach him the lesson….we must INSIST that he rescind the delegates stolen from Carson.

  12. This was first suggested by Dr. Ben. THEN, it was mentioned by Bret Baier. THEN, there is a recorded (with pic) of Cruz apologizing to Dr. Ben. Of course, it’s too late for it to do Dr. Ben any good. I think they should have verified before issuing a rumor & encouraging Dr. Ben supporters to vote for Cruz. It may not be talked about, among the pundits – but, it will, eventually, ‘hurt’ Cruz. He is NOW in the same league with Hillary, Trump & Obama. He lied to benefit himself. He knew what he was doing. Dr. Ben is the only victim, in this story. Of course, all who believe in Dr. Ben are ‘victims’, also. BUT, it still comes down to the ‘tortoise & the hare’. The tortoise does win the race.

  13. This was first suggested by Dr. Ben. THEN, it was mentioned by Bret Baier. THEN, I saw an apology by Cruz, but, it was too late to do Dr. Ben any good. To me, Cruz has joined the ranks of Trump, Hillary & Obama – whatever it takes to get the points. He, &/or his crew should have checked for facts, before starting rumors, but, they wanted those votes. Dr. Ben is the ‘victim’ in this – the pundits are not talking about it, so Cruz stays ‘the winner’. I don’t think so. Eventually, what he has done will ‘hurt’ him. Those of us, who support Dr. Ben are, also, victims of this lie. It still comes down to the ‘tortoise & the hare’. The hare does win the race..

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