Disgusting: Obama Administration Gave Kids To Trafficking Thugs To Be Raped And...

Disgusting: Obama Administration Gave Kids To Trafficking Thugs To Be Raped And Used For Slave Labor

The Obama Administration’s HHS gave children to human traffickers to be used as sex slaves and for child labor according to a blockbuster new report spearheaded by Ohio Senator Rob Portman.

According to The Hill:

“At least 19 immigrant children were inadvertently handed over to human traffickers by the U.S. government last year after it failed to conduct proper background checks, a Senate report released Thursday said.

According to a report from the Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations obtained first by The New York Times, the Department of Health and Human Services had custody of six children who were later found in a human trafficking ring in Marion, Ohio, as well as 13 in other locations. Officials reportedly failed to do due diligence when securing guardians for unaccompanied minors during their immigration proceedings.

“It is intolerable that human trafficking — modern-day slavery — could occur in our own backyard. But what makes the Marion cases even more alarming is that a U.S. government  agency was responsible for delivering some of the victims into the hands of their abusers,” Investigations Chairman Rob Portman (R-Ohio) told the Times.”

And what makes one think they can vet Syrian refugees any better? These are the people who want to run our lives?!

Rob Portman


  1. This is not true. I have searched and found nothing. Where did you find this info? We all know he’s an ass. You really don’t need to make shit up.

    • Have you ever heard of libel & slander? If it wasn’t true, some attorney would be retiring on the millions available to the amoral slug who’d defend this trash.

  2. The New York Times reported it along with the chairman of the Senate Committee on Investigations and you think it is bogus?! If you couldn’t find it anywhere else, maybe now you will believe that most of the mainstream media will never report anything negative about the Obama administration. The fact that the New York Times reported it is a miracle in itself!

  3. Whoever is slack in his work is brother to him who destroys. pResident lawn pyramid has no regard for children; just look at its amoral stance on infanticide.”…America is no longer a Christian nation.” “iSLAM has made many contributions to science, culture, and the founding of America.” Bury HUSSEIN D’Loser. The sooner our alleged President is shown to be the fraudulent pResident that it is, the sooner we can stuff it into the warhead of a missile & fire it into the face of a solid rock formation. Autograph a solid rock face with its signature emblematic zero, the grand sum total of all the good it’s done for any & everyone WORLDWIDE.

    • You belong in a mental institution, if you’re not already there. Make sure you don’t poke your eye out with your crayon. And finally, I feel so sad for your mother.

      • Thank you for your obviously well thought out manifest of incontrovertible fact that reduced my post to shavings. Now go take your meds & pass back out.

  4. 😠 … This is something I would expect to see in Syria or Saudi Arabia, and these people want to call me disgusting names and tell me right from wrong ?

    Enough is freaking enough..

  5. A test case in the implementation of Sharia law, under which this is approved, in the United States? We’ll see if there’s any real investigation, if anyone gets held responsible. In this administration, much goes on that is blatantly illegal, blatantly criminal, blatantly unethical and nothing is done about it. No arrests, no prosecutions, and the people involved get performance awards at year’s end, including IRS workers who are in default on taxes.

  6. Too bad America doesn’t have mental institutes like it did a century ago. All you right wing whack jobs could babble and drool while chained to your cots in a cold, gray dormitory room.

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