Breaking: Hillary Closer To Prosecution Than Ever After BOMBSHELL Email Scandal Developments

(AP Photo/Brendon Smialowski, Pool)

In yet another serious sign Hillary Clinton may be prosecuted over her controversial email set up, the Obama administration announced today that dozens of emails must be withheld from public release because they are “top secret,” the most sensitive level that exists.

According to The Hill:

“The Obama administration will entirely withhold 22 emails from Hillary Clinton’s private server because they have been classified as “top secret,” the State Department said on Friday.

The existence of multiple top secret emails in the Democratic presidential front-runner’s inbox will only increase public scrutiny on the former secretary of State’s unusual email arrangement, mere days before Iowa’s first-in-the-nation nominating contest on Monday.

The 37 pages of emails are the first time the Obama administration has confirmed that messages within Clinton’s server while she was at State merit one of the highest levels of classification. Although the State Department has previously classified more than 1,300 of Clinton’s emails upon release, the vast majority of those were at lower classification levels.

Unlike the emails classified at a lower level, which were released with large portions redacted, the top secret emails will not be made public at all.”