What Is Conservatism? Watch This Senator’s AWESOME Answer

What Is Conservatism? Watch This Senator’s AWESOME Answer

Sen. Ben Sasse

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse’s recent answer to a question from Chuck Todd has received rave reviews from conservative circles.

Todd asked Sasse, what is conservatism?

Though not a fan of front runner Donald Trump, Sasse invoked the Constitution and the American people in a “must watch” video:



  1. And where exactly did Trump say “When I’m President I will be able do what I want”????
    This fine senator better mellows out about Trump because he is one of the Republican morons who up to this day, has let dictator Obama do whatever he wants

    • He says it any time he makes one of his pronouncements. Trump would be a great dictator. Let’s not let that happen.

      Oh, and by the way, Sen Sasse is a brand new senator. You can’t blame anything on him yet.

      Other than that, ward34, your comment was of great value to the voters who are serious about this election.

      • Listen, you prick. Don’t give me your superior-elite attitude.
        What Trump repeatedly says is that anyone who wants to f..k with America, first has to go through him. At no time did he ever say that he “will do what he wants once he becomes President”. That’s indeed a different attitude than what dictator B.Hussein (“I have my pen and my phone”) has displayed without any regard for the Constitution.
        And rookie Sasse should keep his big mouth on hardcore leftwing NBC shut when it comes to dumping on another Conservative candidate. That’s the bloody problem with Conservatives right there: tearing each other apart en plein publique instead of going after Queen Hillary (who should be behind bars) and marxist Saunders.

        • I would agree with you, except to point out that Trump is a LIBERAL/fascist and anything but a conservative. I am 75 years old and have been a libertarian/conservative my entire life, so I know a liberal when I hear one.

          By the way, Sasse was great to go on MSNBC and set the interviewer straight. It does no good to go on Fox to do that, as everyone who watches Fox, except for you apparently, is already convinced that Trump is a faux conservative.

          • Great. 75. I have 2 years on you, junior.
            And having lived 36 years in socialist Europe and 41 in middle of the road slash socialist (hiding as liberal) Canada, I know a liberal when I smell one. And Trump so far smells like a gardenia who perfectly fits the generally-accepted definition of conservative/libertarian.
            And if not to make an arse of yourself, I’d suggest you stay away from oxymorons like liberal/fascist.

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