Breaking: Chaos In Oregon As Feds Kill 1, Arrest Bundy, Prepare For...

Breaking: Chaos In Oregon As Feds Kill 1, Arrest Bundy, Prepare For Raid

Bundy, right, Finicum, left

One person was killed near Burns, Oregon last night after federal agents arrested protesters demonstrating against federal control of state land.

Multiple reports say the government is preparing to launch a raid on the wildlife refuge the protesters have been occupying.

According to The Hill:

“One person was killed and several arrested, including Ammon Bundy, the leader of an armed group occupying a wildlife refuge in Oregon, in an incident with law enforcement Tuesday.

Shots were fired when law enforcement agents stopped Bundy and the others while they were driving to a community meeting, The Oregonian reported.

Bundy’s brother, Ryan Bundy, suffered a minor gunshot wound and was among those arrested. At least three others traveling with the Bundys were also arrested, as were two members of the group who were in Burns, Ore., site of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge.

They face felony charges of conspiracy to impede federal officers.”

The man said to be killed, LaVoy Finicum, allegedly had his hands up when he was killed by federal agents.
Lavoy Finicum


  1. ***
    This may be Branch Davidians II / Wackos in Waco II or Ruby Ridge II Deja Vu All Over Again forming up now on the Horizon.
    Evil bomber Timmy McVeigh responded by murdering dozens of innocent people and blowing down the FBI office. These events seemed to tick him off a tad.
    The startup to the American Revolution was some Gubmint types–Redcoats!!–shooting and killing Black Man Chrispus Attacus (sp?) in Beantown. And then King George III’s Regime thinking that the problems were over! George Washington–and other Patriots–didn’t agree with Kingy.
    When you screw around with dynamite–you never quite know what the end result will be! It’s rather like hammering on the nose of a “dud” cannon shell–thinking that it can’t possibly explode.

  2. Damn Obwana. They didn’t have to shoot the man in cold blood. All of them were unarmed, Hands up, and other reports state that Lavoy was face down on the ground. Where’s the outrage, where’s the protests or don’t white lives matter. So disgusted with this government. Tell the truth. The uranium under both of those ranches was promised to Russia by Hillary in a deal she made with them as Secy of State. “You donate to my foundation, I’ll get you the uranium”.

    • Michelle you are correct, just know that some “conservatives” are just the right boot of the same tyranny as the left boot. Here is my lesson in free speech from these “crony Conservatives”….

      Ammon Bundy thankfully arrested with no law enforcement deaths #BlueLivesMatter | RedState

      The armed gang led by Ammon Bundy was captured last night. They refused to surrender, and the stop erupted in gunfire, with reports not…

      View on

      What an Evil article. The Ferals will come for you too one day too; sooner than you expect, but just know Comrade Stevens it isn’t “personal” they will be just enforcing “The Law” on You. Anne Frank was a law breaker too.

      Is this the “Red” Huff Po “State”? Sure looks like it. Commie Progressive.

      Bill S Mod GenEarly • 2 hours ago

      I’m going to turn off your account now, but this time I’m going to leave your comment here to show the kind of whackjobs we get commenting here on stuff like this. This just demonstrates that Neil hit the center of the target.

      Diamondback Bill S • 2 hours ago

      Thought about calling the obvious Nazi B_ _ tard out myself, but decided that’s one thing best left to you guys.

      My nonpunishable Gen Early reply:

      Whoa there Mr Bill and Diamondback. I commented on an article, using no profanity, raising a legitimate question of Law with an example of Law not always being moral, as with Anne Frank and I’m Banned as well as called a Nazi B_ _tard. Huff Po did the same, seems you do share some common traits.

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