Scared? DNC Debbie Tries To Stop New Hampshire Debate

Alex Wong/Getty Images

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz refuses to sanction a New Hampshire debate that was just announced for next week as candidates hope to make their final pitch before the “live free or die” state’s first in the nation primary.

It would be the first time New Hampshire didn’t get a debate before the primary…

According to The Hill:

“The Democratic National Committee says it is unlikely to sanction additional debates before the New Hampshire primary, a decision that could strike a blow to the attempts by MSNBC and the New Hampshire Union Leader to host a debate next week.

“We have no plans to sanction any further debates before the upcoming First in the Nation caucuses and primary, but will reconvene with our campaigns after those two contests to review our schedule,” DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz said in a statement.

“We have consistently worked with our campaigns to ensure a schedule that is robust and that allows them to engage with voters in a variety of ways, whether through debates, forums, town halls, but also leaving them the flexibility to attend county fairs and living room conversations in states like Iowa and New Hampshire where direct voter contact matters so much.”

DNC rules stipulate that any candidate who participates in an unsanctioned debate forfeits the opportunity to attend contests sanctioned by the party. A DNC aide told The Hill that the party is not considering lifting that policy. “