Glenn Beck Backs Ted Cruz?

Glenn Beck Backs Ted Cruz?

Popular media personality Glenn Beck will endorse Ted Cruz for President in Iowa this weekend, reports say.

The news comes as some polls show Cruz in a dead heat with Donald Trump in the Hawkeye State as the race for the 2016 GOP Presidential nomination heats up.

According to The Hill:

“Conservative media personality Glenn Beck will endorse Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz on Saturday in Iowa, ABC News reported on Twitter late Tuesday.

Beck, a longtime opponent of Cruz’s rival Donald Trump, said last week that it will be a “gigantic mistake if this country chooses Donald Trump” as its next president.

As president, Trump would be a “monster much, much worse” than President Obama, Beck added at the time. Cruz and Trump are battling for first place in the Iowa caucuses, which are less than two weeks away.”



  1. Now this is better. I like Glen & used to like Sarah but somewhere along the way she lost me. Maybe it has to do with her daughter but right now it doesn’t say much to me that she’s supporting Trump. Yes if Trump is nominated I’ll vote for him even though he’s not my choice. This is one southern gal that doesn’t intend to stay home & give her vote to the DEMS.

    • so fight hard now so that Trump is not our nominee. Trump is not a true conservative and will change his mind again about all these things if he gets into office. He will do the Obama shuffle because both are liars liars liars. We need to fight hard and speak loudly now in order to do all we can to have a true , no compromising, straight edge, influential patriot conservative as our nominee and President. For me , that’s Huckabee 1st and then a second choice would be Cruz.

  2. I can see the stupid people on this post . Cruz is a hypocrite and he have huge super pacs he will not do anything he says and Congress hates him. His constant waffling on issues to fit what ever fits the agenda . Trump will do what he says his companies and reputation are on the line . There is no reason Trump wants to be president other then help this country .Politicians do it to get rich.

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