What Would Sarah Palin Do In A Trump Administration?

Palin, left, Trump, right

After her blockbuster endorsement of 2016 GOP front runner Donald Trump in Iowa on Tuesday, speculation ahs run rampant over what role former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin might play in a Trump administration.

One position that stands out: Secretary Of Energy.

According to The Hill:

“Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said early Wednesday that Sarah Palin could play a role in his administration should he win the White House.

Trump said on NBC’s “Today” show that he hasn’t discussed the possibility of Palin as his running mate, but, if elected, “Certainly she could play a position if she wanted to.”

“I don’t think that it would be something that she would want to do. She’s been through that,” Trump said of the 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate running again.

Palin has previously said that she would be interested in being Energy secretary, though she added to CNN in September that she would eliminate the federal department.”