Bill Cosby Charged With Rape, Released On $1 Million Bond

Bill Cosby Charged With Rape, Released On $1 Million Bond

Actor Bill Cosby has been charged with allegedly raping a woman during a 2004 incident at her home.

Cosby has been released on bail after posting $1 million…

According to The Hill:

“Bill Cosby, the “Cosby Show” star and veteran entertainer who was once awarded the highest civilian award in the United States, is facing a sexual assault charge.

The 78-year-old comedian was charged with aggravated indecent assault, a felony, Pennsylvania’s Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office announced Wednesday. The charges stem from an alleged 2004 encounter with a former Temple University employee in Cosby’s home, District Attorney-elect Kevin Steele said.

“On the evening in question, Mr. Cosby urged her to take pills that he provided to her and to drink wine, the effect of which rendered her unable to move, respond to his advances, and he committed aggravated indecent assault upon her,” Steele said at a news conference.”



  1. I am not so quick to accuse without all the facts. Too many women make accusations that are not true these days, either for money or notoriety. If he is guilty, then he should suffer the consequences. But, show me the proof first. Bill Cosby is not running for president but he is conservative and it does make one wonder if this story wasn’t concocted to direct attention away from Hillary and her failures. Remember what happened to Herman Cain? The women accusing him disappeared from sight after they ruined his reputation. And the crazy woman who accused the Duke Lacrosse team of raping her when it was was a sham too. There have been too many who have been incarcerated under false accusations. Show me the proof.

    • I understand wanting to be sure, but do keep in mind this woman isn’t the only one coming forward. Thankfully, our system requires proof beyond reasonable doubt, but they have to be in possession of more than just her accusation, our they wouldn’t have filed charges. If true, it’s a sad, sad day.

    • Don’t you think we should wait for the facts to come in before convicting him? And why are you bringing in race as an issue? There have been men of many races accused of nefarious deeds such as this and not all of them were guilty.

  2. So this an accusation from 15 years ago. At best it’s hearsay and no tangible evidence. Unless she kept the item that would hold any DNA. In which case I would view it as a purpose to commit false accusations as part of a conspiracy. All started with the 2 ever reputable, play boy bunnies of the 70’s (whom are friends) making 40 year old accusations in a time of free love and drugs which, I’m more than certain they freely partook in, and now this? And you people actually believe he’s guilty with no evidence of truth at all!!!
    A question to all the women;
    Truth now..
    How many “girl” friends do you actually have?
    Bet most of you said one or none. .Why? It’s because you can’t trust another woman and you all know they lie, conspire, plot, manipulate, and decieve. This is the base of this thread. Why wait till now? What dumbass DA and judge for that matter formally charged this good man? A million bond? Wtf? Where do they justify that? This is harass an collect at its finest…I’m not in

  3. The Ferguson riots started on Aug 10, 2015 (re: shooting of Michael Brown).

    This Bill Cosby issue, which has been reported on and off for several years, suddenly experienced an explosion of media coverage within two days of the Ferguson, MO riots.

    Question: Is the timing of this media coverage just a coincidence, to a black man who is recognized as a “public moralist” (e.g., Judge’s comments; unsealing of Constand v. Cosby deposition) and voice of reason to the black/African-American community? I suspect that Dr. Cosby would have been outspoken against the riots and this was stirred up to quell him.

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