Scarborough BLASTS Marco Rubio

Scarborough BLASTS Marco Rubio

Sen. Marco Rubio (Photo by DarKen Photography)

Joe Scarborough, host of the popular “Morning Joe” television show, blasted 2016 GOP Presidential candidate Marco Rubio this week, calling him “thin skinned” after the Senator used his comments to raise money in a fundraising email.

According to The Hill:

“MSNBC host Joe Scarborough unloaded on Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) on Tuesday, blasting the presidential candidate for fundraising off remarks he made that were critical of a Rubio ad.

Scarborough was mentioned in a Rubio campaign fundraising email that went out Monday morning, which sought to fundraise off Scarborough’s claim that a new Rubio campaign ad was “nativist.”

In the ad, Rubio says the 2016 election is “about all of us who feel out of touch in our own country.”

Scarborough on Tuesday blasted the Rubio campaign as “thin-skinned.”

“Here’s a guy that flies around in private jets every day, and he has for years,” Scarborough said. “Here’s a guy that sits in luxury suites at Miami Dolphins football games, and other football games around America. Here’s a guy that got paid $800,000 by a massive powerful Manhattan publishing company for a book … and he’s got the guts to go on and lift a line out of this nativist playbook?””



  1. Watch Joe every morning….over time he’s gone over to the Mika side of the aisle….knew they’d turn him sooner or later.

    • Yeah, you’re right. The only time Joe is a conservative is when Mika’s gone from the set. When she’s on the set, Joe plays the liberal frat boy, panty-waist seeking approval from the girls. The sad thing is that Scarborough was my congressman in Florida around the turn of the century and was then staunchly conservative.

  2. Joe Scarborough a former “conservative” House Repub from Fl and Rube Rubio a former “conservative” TP Pretender from Fl. ……….Two birds of a Putz feather.

  3. Marco Rubio is the only GOP candidate that can actually beat Hillary. He’s bright articulate and well versed on the issues, especially national security. He’s conservative enough for me and if we nominate Trump or Cruz, we get Hillary.

  4. He now lives in Ct and works in New York City…on MSNBC of all places…he’s gone from the token conservative to a full fledged lefty.

  5. Joe has slowly stepped onto the liberals rug of Soro’s paid media saints. He puts on a good show but the progressiveness does show through.

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