Rush Limbaugh Says Trump’s Attacks On Cruz Are Off The Mark

Rush Limbaugh Says Trump’s Attacks On Cruz Are Off The Mark

Popular radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh says 2016 GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s recent attacks against Ted Cruz are unlike “The Donald.”

According to Politico:

“Ted Cruz has a new defender: conservative king of radio Rush Limbaugh.

The Republican host on Monday supported the Texas senator against his presidential opponent, Republican front-runner Donald Trump.

Once a strident supporter of Trump, Limbaugh dialed back his support after he labeled Cruz a “maniac” for his ability to incite broad and long-standing opposition within the party’s leadership in the Senate. Trump’s remarks followed a series of open-ended questions from Cruz that took issue with his private fundraising tactics and judgment, as well as Cruz’s surge in polls in Iowa.

Limbaugh addressed the issue head-on during his show, claiming Trump’s behavior was out of character.

“My questioning here about the way Trump has gone off on Cruz here, calling him a maniac, refusing to work with people in the Senate, the reason I’m focusing on that, folks, ’cause that’s so unlike Trump. I mean, that’s a huge mistake,” he said.”



  1. Hey Rush..Get the facts.. Trump and Cruz was buddies until a secret tape came out about Cruz trashing Trump at a private fundraiser with his donors. Cruz said on the tape that he was worried about Trump , and Trump should not be the one with his finger on the button. In other words, Cruz is saying that Trump should not be qualified to be president. From a so called “friend” that is huge. Trump lashed out then and thought of the first thing that came to mind. Trump should have told how Cruz was a traitor to his friend…former friend now.

    • I don’t know for a fact that they are actually friends in the true sense of the word. However, even if they are, that does not mean they can’t speak the truth about each other. IOW, friendship doesn’t trump (pun intended) the truth!

      • Cruz wasn’t speaking the truth, according to the millions that support Trump. He was making a statement… a false one. I thought they were friends because when Trump started dominating the election, Cruz appears and seems to be his friend. I guess it was all to get a little publicity for Cruz. He said they thought alike, so Trump fans accepted him too, but he is a traitor.

        • That makes no sense. Truth is not subjective! Cruz said he was afraid of Trump as president; that was not a false statement. As Kaysa Alexander said above, Cruz can be ‘friends’ with Trump, yet still consider it a scary proposition to think of Donald Trump with the U.S. nuclear arsenal launch codes.

          He is not a presidential person, nor is he intending to actually serve in the White House; no way, no how. Trump is doing this for the brand-building value. I cannot imagine him winning a general election, even if he was serious about being president (he is not; this is a game for him).

          I’d support him if by some miracle he actually won (he will NOT!) but I will admit that Trump is fun to watch and he’s on-target about the worthless media, unmanaged illegal immigration, and especially about putting a hold on all Muslim immigration until a rational policy can be fitted to their ‘religion’.

          [For instance, Roman Catholics used to burn people at the stake and chop their head off if they refused to ‘recant’ any belief other than what the pope wanted them to believe. The papist cult was ‘domesticated’ before it was allowed in America; the same was true for Calvinist and Lutheran leadership that also burned, tortured and decapitated Christians who refused to ‘recant’. In America, they had to ‘civilize’ their religious franchise before offering their goods to the American market.

          Even a century later, Morons (they use the franchise label ‘Latter Day Saints’, but given their teachings, they’re Morons) were accepted into American society, but their men had to limit themselves to one wife, and she could not be a child. The same civilizing steps can be taken with Muzzies, and we shouldn’t allow a single additional Muzzie to immigrate until we have such laws in place. If your religion still practices things around the world that are clearly capital crimes in America, you can’t move here unless and until Congress and its federal courts are prepared to keep you civilized.]

          • I guess what bothers me is that Trump was considering Cruz for VP, and Cruz has been nice to Trumps face, hugging him…etc. Then his statement about Trump implied that Trump shouldn’t be president. The fact that he wouldn’t say it to Trumps face is very telling. He still wants to ride on Trumps coattails.

  2. I’ve almost always agreed with Rush, but I am surprised he ever supported Trump! He’s the one with maniacal behavior, which is why it is so funny that he called Cruz a maniac!

  3. Trump followers will always vote Trump no matter what he says then denies he said it!! If Trump wins I WILL vote for him even though I AM A CRUZ GUY!!! BUT will the Trumpets vote for the winner if it is NOT the Trumpper????

  4. I don’t get it. When Obama and Hillary were running against each other in 2008, no one criticized them for saying bad things about one another. It’s all part of campaigning. I think Trump has attacked ALL of the GOP candidates. Ted Cruz was certainly not the first.

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