WOW: Florida Mayor Bans Trump!

WOW: Florida Mayor Bans Trump!

Donald Trump speaks at the Saginaw/Genesee County Lincoln Day in Michigan (Photo by DarKen Photography)

The Mayor of St. Petersburg, Florida is causing controversy after saying that 2016 GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump is not welcome in his town “until we fully understand the dangerous threat posed by all Trumps.”

According to The Hill:

A mayor in Florida says he is barring Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump from his city after the businessman’s latest idea to prevent Muslims from entering the United States.

St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman (D) tweeted late Monday that he was barring Trump from his city “until we fully understand the dangerous threat posed by all Trumps.”

The mayor was playing off Trump’s original statement calling to bar Muslims from the U.S. “until we are able to determine and understand this problem and the dangerous threat it poses.”




      • The liberals suffer from grandiose delirium. They believe everyone thinks like them or you are stupid. Sick puppies!


        • Agreed. Last I checked we still had the First Amendment guaranteeing us the freedom of speech. This jerk has no right to “ban” anyone from “his” city (since when does he “own” a city or even speak for all of its residents?). If I were Trump or someone in his campaign staff, I would intentionally post to Twitter and Facebook, photos from said city, or even ask any of his supporters in that city to post photos of his campaign stickers/signs within that city. Screw that mayor. Stupid liberal, brains are for conservatives!

  2. There are several points to be made here.

    1. Trump is stating his opinion.

    2. Trump has no power to take such an action unless he becomes president. Ironically, with the advent of the gutless, corrupt, crony-capitalist congress essentially abdicating their immigration powers to the executive branch, and with Obama taking the position that he has the power to let people in, then it logically follows, that as president, Trump would have every right to dictate whom he would keep out as well. If Trump is elected, and if the situation at the time warrants such action, I will be fully supportive of Trump.

    3. No one, Muslim or otherwise has any *right* to come to this country. No *right*. Period!

    4. The Florida “mayor”, has no authority to keep a law abiding American citizen out the city of which he is mayor, simply because he does not like the opinion of another American citizen.

    5. As usual, this is typical liberal fascism.

    6. Trump is not advocating a permanent ban on Muslims coming here. With the events of the last couple of months, it would be a reasonable step to take until we have systems in place to find out who these people really are.

    7. I’ll be da##ed if I’ll risk the security of my family to soothe the self absorbed, politically correct, delusional, ego of some idiot liberal who is more worried about what “the world” thinks of him, than he is the lives of American citizens.

  3. Guess I won’t be spending my tourist money in St. Pete! No loss, nothing but faggots and lesbos there anyway! They were always so nice to me. Hmmmmmmm won’t get my money from now on.

    • St. Pete is filled with the gay populace? I did not know that, for some reason I thought it was filled with the retirees. If so, I wonder how that mix of two very different kinds of people works out?

    • Oh YES, he can, he is an all-knowing democrat. What ever they want to do is perfectly OK. It isn’t OK to halt the influx of thousands of muslims until they can figure out some way to show some semblance of vetting them. That is OK so long as we get them in & show them who to vote for in Nov. The dems. DO NOT CARE. That is what they are about, Destroying this country. Turning it into a marxist/socialist/communist state.

      • I think/hope that with the recent happenings of the last month or so, that more people are starting to wake up to this fact, that they do not care and do want the destruction of this country, I have gotten the feeling that many “moderates” from the left (I didn’t think they still existed since they were drowned out by the lefty loons) have been jumping ship.

        This corrupt administration, however, marches forward, once again against the will of the American people. I do not think I have ever heard the occupant (then again I usually shut him right off if he is speaking because I cannot stand his whistling of his “s” sounds) – but I do not recall ever hearing him utter the words “We have heard you, American public, and because we heard you, we will be doing (insert x, y, z change of course).

        No, instead it is him chastising us from other countries, being petulant, and basically treating us like we are beneath him and he will “tell” us what we should be doing – even when it goes against the advise of nearly every one of his top advisers.

        I do not know if he is delusional, blind, psychopathic, intentionally evil, or all of the above. All I know is that I fear for this country, and I had never said that before the last 7 years….

  4. Mayor Rick Kriseman, is just another brain dead Liberal that is playing dictator. I would not expect anything different as all Liberals hate America!

    • Me either. They think they always know what’s best for us, the peasants & serfs. What would we do if we did not have them watching out over us? We probably wouldn’t be able to get out of bed & dress ourselves.

  5. The mayor is a total idiot, he can’t ban anyone unless they are committing criminal acts or the cause of a potential insurrection. That ain’t Donald Trump.

  6. Who the hell are you to ban anyone?? Being a Mayor does not give you the right to ban anyone or anything. Just shut your stupid mouth & if you are able, try to run your own city without predgidous, that is if you can!!

    • I wouldn’t be afraid to bet he’s another democrat like the mayor of New Orleans when Katrina came through. Can’t remember his name, I think he wound up in prison for fraud. Remember he let his people down instead of sending school buses around to pick them up & bring them to higher ground. I believe his comment was, “his people were not going to be bused out on no school buses. Then he & the gov. blamed GW for not sending transportation to go in & pick them up. Idiots, Why do democrats think they are so smart when they do such stupid things? That was a stupid remark for him to think he could keep Trump out of St. Pete.

      • You are absolutely right, the guy was Ray Nagin, who is now in Federal Prison. He was so corrupt that the liberals voted him a second term. Doesn’t that sound familiar………

  7. Jackass Mayor…………… are siding with terrorists and Traitor OBAMA???? YOU SHOULD GET OUT OF FLORIDA!!!

  8. k
    Are you banning free speech… are you banning Muslems…. practice what you have no more right or power to ban Trump because he is protecting this Nation from political correction which led neighbors of the two Islamic Terrorists to kill without mercy14 people and injure 21, to be afraid to speak for fear of profiling. He is saying what is necessary… let those who have visas and passports and are welcome in this Nation fear reprisal if they are bent on the destruction of our freedom. We have inalienable rights given us by God to pursue Religious Freedom and those who choose to destroy this freedom, let them be banned from entering this Nation. There is only one God and He is in charge. Juliet Affonorso and Vict

  9. The Mayor sounds like the Typical Communist inspired Liberal Democrat , like the ones in Congress and the White House that want to destroy America and the Constitution … Trump should Sue his Liberal A## !

    • He tells you what is going on instead of out and out lying to you like Obama had been doing for 7 years. In an old movie Jack
      Nicholson asked “You want the truth – you can’t handle the truth. Sure applies here.

    • I would submit that our enemies also want someone in office whom they will know exactly what that person will say or do next. After all, they pretty much have that now in Obama, don’t they. Yes, they know he will say little… and pretty much do nothing. I’m sure they would love for that policy to continue with the next president.

      Perhaps, it might be advantageous to have our enemies guessing for a change….just a suggestion.

  10. There are more idiots per square inch in Florida than any other state in the USA. The Mayor of St. Petersburg is just one of them!

  11. Why do you say that? Just because I don’t want Trump as president? WOW what a hateful statement. I am an informed voter that is why I don’t want Trump as president. After all I do have the right to my opinion. I like Dr. Ben Carson who is leading by Republican registered voters as of yesterday. Now if you were to tell me you did not like Dr. Carson I would not call you an uninformed voter. I would simply say “to each his own”. It really gets me when you are not for candidates other people like they start to form false opinions of you. I have never liked Trump. Who would want a president that tears apart other candidates and reporters especially ones that are disabled. And don’t give me the hoo haa haa that the reporter lied about Trump. What reporter or the media doesn’t lie? That means you as a presidential canidate don’t stand up in front of people start mocking the reporters disability on national TV. I am disabled and if it were me he’d be sued. He has billions anyway. So I may be uninformed about Trump but I am not uninformed about you. You have no soul. Later

  12. Oh I see Trump is the only candidate that does that. Well slap me silly and color me purple. Anyone of those candidates up there are better than Obama. Doesn’t take much to figure that one out. NEXT!!!

  13. the left wing nuts would run and hide if ISIS came here while us NRA members are fighting these animals. Go Donald no terroroist in America!! we got enough now

  14. The problem I see here is politicians so afraid to be politically incorrect. I agree 110% with Trump. First, Congress should remove them from being covered under the religious freedoms that other religions receive under our constitution. Islam IS NOT a religion. It is a cult, disguised as a religion so they can be free to spread their terrorist activities, hatred of this country, & the establishment of shira law. I heard some say this was UN-American, against our constitution . Well the democrats & pres. seems to not have any problem with going around the constitution if it’s something they want to do. What Mr Trump said makes sense to me until the authorities can sort this out & be reasonably assured we are letting in those who would not wish to do harm to the people of this country. I don’t know how they would achieve that. They never had any indication this couple in San Bernadina was going to do the mayhem they did. We just don’t know. That’s why if it were left to me there wouldn’t any of them ever be allowed to come here. What have they got to offer the people of this country. It has never made sense to me. They want to come here as refugees to escape the shooting & killing going on in their own country, but they want to bring it with them & turn this country into what they have just recently left, & want us to convert to islam or die. I got news for them, I rather die, than live my life as an ignorant, oppressed, savage jihadist muslim. They say it is a religion of peace, show me. It is in their quaran to KILL THE INFIDELS. I think they are all either militant jihadists or sympathizers of the cause. I do not see any advantage for us as a country by letting them come here.

  15. That is why Trump is so popular. People like this mayor and Obama think they have extraordinary power. We the people are sick of these professional political criminals. People of St. Pete, vote this idiot out of office.

  16. pgrimaldi3136@gmail
    The little lotus flowere in Washington do no know what a problem solver is. They are sitting aroung trying to figure who gets shot next. Mr Trump is a successful business man. When he sees a dangerous problem, he is trying to find a way to protect us. What the hell are your doing?
    sitting there like a dummie, waiting for us to get Muslim bullets. God help us!!!!

  17. Who really cares because Florida’s NOTHING more then a liberal, foreign occupied shit hole anyway. I wouldn’t visit let alone live in florida even if they paid me. But then what good can you say about a state jeb bush, grayson and Rubio were politicians in. Bush and grayson are liberal ass hole and all three are foreign illegal ass kissers.

  18. Funny little man. Grandstanding. He can’t ban anyone. His city is a mess trying to take heat off himself. Trump should just fly in and mess with the moron. Trump would draw a huge crowd. Wow Donald will get some great free press. You have to love the PC group. That is why we are in trouble. Liberalism is a Mental Illness

  19. 96% of the military support Donald Trump for president 2016!

    Obama the criminal traitor fraud is the “Trojan Horse” of Islam!

  20. Good luck with that moron! If he enters your city what crime would you charge him with? typical left wing loony, spouting of for publicly

  21. On what charge, freedom of speech? I don’t have the slightest idea who you are, but I certainly know who Donald Trump is! What are you talking about, the dangerous threat posed buy all Trumps? The dangerous threat happened in California, and it wasn’t by the Trumps, It was radical Muslims, who we let enter this country, to kill 14 good hard working Americans, and their families will never, ever understand how that could happen in this country. We need a moratorium on all Muslims entering the United States, until we are able to set up some type of data base, to vet these people out, find where they are going to live, and work and keep them on a watch list, if any information at all raises a red flag, then they should be barred from entering. Right now, we have no control whatsoever, about people once they enter, they have lost contact with so many who entered here for one reason, and now they are gone off the radar! If that doesn’t mean anything to you, then perhaps you should pay more attention to what is streaming in from the Border, it is a little closer to home. Do you know who these people are, or where they are right now?

  22. Well, Well…..good ol’ JIMMY Carter (DEMOCRAT) Banned Iranian MUSLIMS from coming into the United States and Deported Iranian students also.

    HOW soon the liberal media and DemocRATs forget ! …..OH, but it’s okay when a liberal president does it !

    Donald Trump is 100% correct….Until we have a system in place to vet these people….they can’t come in….period.

    So not only did Carter Ban the Muslims from Entry…but also, the U.S. Courts Upheld his decision to Deport Iranian students.

    “Carter orders 50,000 Iranian students in US to report to immigration office with view to deporting those in violation of their visas. On 27 December 1979, US appeals court allows deportation of Iranian students found in violation. (CRS 1981, 38, 71)”

  23. It appears that the Mayor of St Pete is a Muslim sympathizer and probably should be put on a watch list of trouble makers. What a dunce. Recall this anti-patriot.

  24. Rick Kriseman (D) We have some news for you:
    You do not own the city and cannot dictate who comes and goes in it.
    Obvious partisan hack that you are it is easy to understand how you might think otherwise.
    Oh, by the way: Rick Kriseman (D) is hereby banned from any property owned or controlled by me in view of the clear and present danger he poses to intelligent life.

  25. I guess it is time to recall this Mayor!! He should be banned from St. Petersburg or maybe Trump can BUY theis Mayor like he buys other politicians!!!!!!

  26. We the people are tired of political correctness and bowing to others. Just posted an article where law says since June 1952, Chapter 2/212 says they banned communism totalanarism and anything trying to overtake or destroy our constitution and our Americanism, what we stand for as a Christian nation

  27. This is a Mayor who is out of touch with reality, I expect he will be hearing from the members of his community, especially at election time.

  28. Yes and those qualities are in Dr. Ben Carson. He just got back from Jordan and spoke with the refugees and visited the hospitals there and saw first hand what is going on and says America does not need to take in all these refugees. There is enough wealth over there to take care of them. One thing Americans don’t want Syrian refugees in our country to possible become ISIS and kill Christians. He’s a true American that grew up by pulling himself up by the bootstraps. At 33 years old he was made DIRECTOR of the pediatric neor surgical department at John Hopkins Hospital a $400 million dollar department when he retired. He has served on the boards of Kellogg and Costco and visited 57 countries not states. Plus operated on babies in the womb and operated on our military in foreign lands. Plus has a non-profit scholarship fund set up in all 50 states to give recognition to the smart students. He visited a high school and noticed the Honor Roll students only got a pin and that was it. So when someone is honored by Dr. Ben for being intelligent they get a banquet dinner, a scholarship to college, a pin and a trophy to put in the school trophy case along with the athletes. You say you want someone in office that you know what they will say next. Did you not watch Dr. Ben at the first prayer breakfast Obama had when he was elected. Dr. Ben downed Obama’s policies with the president sitting right next to him. After the breakfast the WH called Dr. Ben and demanded he apologize and he said one word “NO” and hung up. He gets his daily military briefings form Generals on the ground. And has been since he started to run for president. At first Trump said he got all his intelligent news from the NEWSPAPER. Then low and behold he changed to he speaks to Generals now. HUMM So you think Trump is great and will speak his mind. You are entitled to your opinion but Trump has done too much ugliness to other candidates and reporters and gets on TV and moves his belt buckle up and down on national TV. Not too presidential to me. I have said too much. Good Luck with Trump and if he wins I will Expect him to keep each and every promise he has made.

  29. this is a typical democratic response to anything or anyone that doesnt agree with the left wing dem’s he just may have lost his ability to be voted in again. lol they never think with their brains only another part of their body before spewing something this ridiculous

  30. The mayor doesn’t speak for me I am a big girl and can do that myself. So please don’t say Trump is not welcome. Hell I bet more people in Tampa / St Pete would like to see him than see this crazy ass mayor.

  31. What this mayor is promoting reminds me of a very famous line of a movie. Directed to this mayor it’s, “You can’t handle the truth!” Once these terrorist attacks, both here and abroad, are no longer the responsibility of Muslims Trump has a VERY valid point. In fact, he happens to be the only politician, either in office or running for office, who doesn’t have his/her head up his/her ass.

  32. We need to bulldoze every mosque and deport or summarily execute ALL Muslime invaders already in the US. . .
    Outlaw Islam – Nuke Mecca!

  33. You have just committed “political suicide” you have spoken out againt not just Trump but against the Silent Majority that supports his every issue….

  34. I think that Mayor needs to be banned from his job as he does not have the mental capability to lead the town or the people. The laws of the USA say that any group that has the express intention of trying to change our government and is against it should not be allowed into the country and are banned from entering it. This means Islam whose sole intention is to change American into an Islamic country governed by Sharia law

  35. it is ironic that some politicians are blind to the truth of PC that wants jihadists in our house. The left has no idea who is who coming out of the middle east, They are playing a dangerous game with every one of our lives.

  36. Mr Mayer if St Petersburg, You are a raceist and have no right making a statement like that as the mayor. Are you also going to keep all Trump supporters out also. Next month when I come to florida I will have Trump 2016 signs on my car. And park in front of your office

  37. Excuse me–I think Trump should go to the city and, walk in across the city limits with TV cameras going. If the mayor attempts in any way to stop him, Trump files a law suit for denial of civil liberties without due process of law, and gets a whopping judgment. He then goes on TV, with the judgment in hand, and tells the people of St. Petersburg that he will refrain from collecting the judgment if the city, at its next mayoral election, elects someone who repudiates Kriseman’s action without any reservation of any kind to be its next mayor.

  38. I guarantee you that if Donald Trump wanted to come to St. Petersburg and build a multi million dollar complex, this idiot would RUN to the airport and shake his hand and WELCOME him and have his picture taken with him!! I live across the bridge from St. Pete and think that since Mayor Rick Baker retired, they sure do come up with some cukes to run their city! So BAD, the Tampa Bay Rays want to BREAK their lease and RUN out of town!! So, if you want to listen to these kind of leaders, move to St. Petersburg, Florida. Oh! and do not forget to bring some Islamic settlers with you!!

  39. LOL everyone knows that guy is an idiot. Can you people understand that you are dealing with a cult, a political ideology that brainwashes their followers with the idea that you are an animal and that they should sacrifice you to please their God and earn paradise? They will never assimilate, is against their principles, they are conniving, they lie, steal, kill, torture, their ideology authorizes them. Get it thru your heads you are in terrible danger already.

  40. Time to ban FDR…. he put a bunch of citizen in camps and sent a few boat loads of Jews to their deaths….


  42. Rick Kriseman When they start coming and they blow shit up and kill the people in you town let me know how you feel

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