Breaking: Ted Cruz Just Passed Donald Trump In Iowa (Will “The Donald”...

Breaking: Ted Cruz Just Passed Donald Trump In Iowa (Will “The Donald” Declare War?)

In the latest polls from Iowa, 2016 GOP Presidential hopeful Texas Senator Ted Cruz leads the field after taking the top spot from real estate icon Donald Trump.

Previously, Trump said he’d go to “war” with Cruz if the Senator passed him in the polls…

According to The Hill:

“Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has surpassed Donald Trump and Ben Carson in Iowa, a new poll finds, giving the Texas Republican his first lead of the cycle in an early-voting state.

Cruz, who has been on a sharp upward trajectory in the polls in recent weeks, takes 24 percent of support in the Hawkeye State, according to a Monmouth University survey released on Monday.

Trump is in second place in the poll with 19 percent, followed by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla) at 17 percent, and Ben Carson, who suffered by far the steepest decline of any candidate, clocking in at 13 percent.

Carson — who has been dogged by foreign policy blunders since last  month’s terror attacks in Paris thrust national security to the forefront of the GOP campaign debates — is in free-fall.”



    • Carson is not a serious candidate. After publishing seven ‘autobiographies’ of himself — the fellow definitely has an ego, and definitely does the false-humility shtick, too — he made a great breakfast speech about Obama one day, and all of a sudden…he should be president! Since that speech, he has written three more autobiographies. If Obama has an ego, it’s 1/3 the size of Carson’s.

      Ben was pushed into running by a gaggle of TEA Party folks that had no discernment for the qualifications required of a president. In neurosurgery, Carson was a 10; in public policy, knowledge of history, economics and civics, he is a 4 at best. (Read his six earliest books about himself, and you’ll see what I mean; on policy, he is exactly Jimmy Carter, who was a disaster).

      In public speaking he’s a 2, and that is a vital skill in the office of president. Heck, Gerald Ford was positively Ciceronian compared to mumbling, pantywaist Ben Carson.

      He was never a serious candidate for president. Even after writing nine books about himself, Ben Carson knows this in his heart of hearts. The TEA Party wanted their own token black, but playing to his ego like that was a cynical thing to do to Carson.

  1. How is it that Donald Trump can call terrorists “scum” and no one says anything, but Ben Carson calls them “rabid dogs” and he is stomped on for making ‘foreign policy” errors?

    • cause trump doesn’t give a sh-t what anyone says. they cannot ruffle him. trump’s a very savvy business negotiator and does not get rattled easily and cares very little of the communist media’s opinion. carson does not have the toughness. i think he is a wonderful, but i think trump will beat the snot out of isis.

      • I think that Trump can’t be trusted, he’s always bragging about himself, n he is always insulting anyone who doesn’t agree with him, n he reminds me so much of obozo, everything is I did this, n I did that, n I I I, do you know that he gives money to Killary Clinton, he’s another Obozo/Killary!!!

        • Marie Steve, The Major difference is, What TRUMP says is the Truth. Everyone knows that. Sure he insults anyone who don’t agree with him, he insults his way, with real insults. Not politically Correct insults. Look, If you want America to be completly destroyed with another loser in the White House, then, by all means vote for someone else. However, if, as a real American you want to be part of Saving Our Country, then Trump is you man. That choice is yours

    • Because Carson’s foreign policy acumen is virtually nil. Carson is a very nice man, and was a world-class doctor. But he is deeply narcissistic, a total naif on domestic and foreign policy, and in no way fit to serve as president.

      Trump isn’t either; but the Donald has no intention of serving in the White House. He can’t win a general election, but he doesn’t want to. This race is worth billions to the Trump brand; when he sees it is time, he’ll step out and say, “I got my issues out for the American people!”. Then he will bank all of that accrued Trump brand value.

      • Maybe This Is A Sign That Not All Americans Are Falling Over In Love With Trump, Maybe Alot Of People Are Seeing Him For Just Alot Of Hot Air, n A Ego Of Another Obozo, We Don’t Need Another One Of Him, Plus Trump Is Giving Money To Killary, Maybe People Are Waking Up!!!

        • Marie, Don’t know where you are getting this stupid info. Trump is the only one who get Our Country back on track. If that’s not what you want, well, that’s on you

          • I’m voting for Ted Cruz, n I’m allowed to have my opinion, n vote for whom ever I want, Trump is sooo much like obozo, I I I, I did this, n I did that, alot of arogance, just like obozo, We’ve Had Enough Of That Type In The White House!!!

          • Marie Steve: You are correct. You have that right to vote for who you want, as I do. So I guess we can agree to disagree. MAY THE BEST MAN FOR AMERICA WIN

    • I’m not sure it’s Trump’s fade-out; more likely just a temporary dip. I agree with your point about real candidates; for instance, I don’t think Trump would actually take on the workaday job of president. I believe he is doing this more for the Trump brand value, but he is also just pissed, and wanting the candidates to address these matters seriously.

      In that respect, Trump has brought very important issues to the table in an indelicate yet honest way that politicians never will but regular people do every day. By ‘regular people’, I mean not welfare queens and bleeding-heart liberals.

      In terms of diplomacy, The Donald would be our own Vladimir Putin — a swaggering cartoon of a president.

      Ross Douthat, the token ‘Christian’ on the NY Times roster, offered this analysis on Donald Trump’s fascist side:

      That fascist predilection has been evident ever since the Donald began dabbling in
      politics; he’s a classic narcissist, as every fascist has been. Trump has never come out strongly against big government, and he is more belligerent than was Teddy Roosevelt. A dangerous fellow.

      But he’s ultimately not electable; he could take 30% of the very early GOP primary polls, but at this point in the ccle it’s meaningless, except as I said earlier, to raise the red-meat, blue-collar issues that namby-pamby politicians don’t like to talk about.

      Ted Cruz has been able to tone down his Neocon aspect. His experience, intellect, and withering effectiveness in debate will carry him to the GOP nomination, I believe. He was the first to announce, and is definitely trying to keep from peaking too early (that was Carson’s mistake).

      The only way any GOP candidate is going to beat The Hag, is to pull together the Christian electorate along with rational, more conservative folks in the donkey party. Carter did that, and Reagan did, as well. Cruz has a sincere, strong Christian message that might just pull millions of Christians to the 2016 polls who have sat out the last few.

      No matter what anyone slings against the Hildebeast, it will not stick. She is the Anointed, as Hussein Osama was. She will win the White House and drag Bill back with her, unless Cruz can raise the Christian masses this time, to beat out the long welfare lines that the Demoncrats always produce at the polls.

    • You are only dreaming , Gerald. The American people know Trump
      Is what this Country needs. We are in an awful mess. I don’t believe there is anyway Cruz is leading in Iowa. That is the establishment Republican’s dream also. Go Trump.

      • If he gets there, I will be surprised. Only a small percentage of Republicans support him and few Democrats, even though his inclination is Democrat. So he will have to go independent, or write in, and his chance of success in that route is slim to none.

        • Well, Gerald, I see a lot of support for Trump and I know many that are registered Democrats that are changing to Republican so they can vote for Trump. I think we will be seeing President Trump in the Whitehouse in early 2017. It can’t come too soon. Dream on you Trump Haters or get on the bandwagon and support him.

          • I don’t really hate Trump. It is just that his demeanor is not Presidential. He is too contentious, makes statements without thinking of the consequences of what he says, says he is going to do something, without the faintest idea of how he was going to accomplish the task. When he speaks everybody cringes at what might come out next. In short, although his mind might be in the right place, his pronouncements do not sound very good. He is like a bull in a china shop. There are so many solid candidates this time around, that choosing Trump is just NOT the right thing to do.

          • I don’t see anything in any of the other candidates that is at all impressive. Cruz is semi establishment and anti Isreal and Carson is just too soft spoken to deal with what is going on. The rest have no promise what so ever. Trump is a doer and knows how to get things done. He must have lots of strength and good health to keep up with all of his campaigning and great organization to meet with the Media at their demand. He is certainly spending his own money. Why on earth do you think he is not the one to lead this Great Nation.

  2. No Cruz next Poll Trump will be up again..nobody is falling for this crap..i do Favor Cruz over Trump But am not stupid enough Trump could drop from over 30% and Cruz come from 16 % to lead lol..i’m hoping for a Trump Cruz ticket ..that would be perfect..Carson should be Secutary of State once they are in..

    • You are not hoping for a Cruz/Trump ticket, because the Trump ego would never let him be second choice. It would be a good place to park Trump, however, as if he was VP [where he could do no serious harm], he could out-bozo Biden and make everybody thank their stars that Trump was not the President.

  3. I’m for Cruz and Rubio, in that order. We definitely need someone with experience dealing with big problems that are already happening and for sure going to be worse. They need to know how to put a roster together that will pull from the best of the best.. And they both have experience that should work for them. Cruz speech he gave at the debate really showed how knowledgeable he is about political positions. Sorry Ben, I like you but we need outspoken, go-get-em person. But not Trump! Just a lot of hot air!

    • Rubio is a sell out, people from FL know how fast he jumped from his TP supporters to kiss McCain and Scummer on the Amnesty bandwagon.
      Rubio is just parroting his big donors, Chamberpot Rinos, wish lists by supporting H1B visas, TPP, NWO wars, etc.

    • Ruby, Both Cruz & Rubio are already part of the establishment aka: Part of The Problem. They already have their hands dirty. AMERICA DESERVES BETTER THEN THAT

  4. Trump Cruz will be the ticket. Cruz promotes his campaign platform and doesn’t attack Trump.

    Also Trump’s call for a Moosie importation(temporary) halt will add even more to his polls nationwide.

    Knowing the incompatibility of Islime with Liberty, I favor deportation and permanent exclusion of moosies.

    Better than turning the country into France, Belgium, Germany, or Sweden. But libertards would rather convert than die, so be it. Hard times are coming, this stuff now a days ain’t nothing.


    • Kathy, These polls are a bunch of bull. I believe the people of Iowa are smarter than that and know Trump is our best choice. We want someone that says I can do instead of all these others that say it can’t be done. Of course he can get it done being the great negotiator he is. He is so right about not bringing anymore Muslims into this country till we get this terrorist situation figured out. You don’t have to have a brain to understand that. Vote Trump.

  6. I would go a bit further than Trump on stopping folks coming into the country. I would say that no one comes into this country for six months. During that period we could get a handle on who is who — who are the bad guys and where they are living, working, etc. We could then take steps to get rid of the folks identified as “bad”.

  7. Trump or Cruz would both make wonderful Presidents. Do not trust the ‘Polls’ anyway.

  8. No wonder…Cruz has been bad mouthing Trump in private fundraisers with his donors. I would dump Cruz. Trump was considering Cruz for VP, but now the back stabber will have to go it alone. I guess that’s the only way Cruz can get votes…put his friend down. Look for Trump to retaliate. At the debate, Cruz was given a chance to face Trump and say the same words he said in private, but he changed the subject. …coward… Cruz not only looks like a chicken, his voice sounds like a middle-aged woman.

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