MUST Watch: Senator Ben Sasse Goes To San Bernardino And Rebukes Obama

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse delivered a powerful rebuttal to President Obama while attending a candlelight vigil in San Bernardino Sunday in memory of the 14 people killed Wednesday in the largest attack on American soil since 9/11.

According to The Weekly Standard:

“Ben Sasse, a Republican U.S. senator from Nebraska, went to San Bernardino last night to deliver a rebuttal to President Obama’s speech to the nation on terrorism.

Sasse argues that the U.S. was attacked “Because we’re an open society, we’re a free society, and our enemies hate freedom.” And that we are at war.

“We are most certainly though at war with militant Islam. We are at war with the violent Islam. We are at war with jihadi Islam. We are not at war with all Muslims. We’re not at war with Muslim families in Dearborn, Michigan who want the American dream for their kids. But we are at war with those who believe that they will kill in the name of religion.”

But, Sasse explains, “We are not at war with terrorism, which is just a tactic. We are not at war with some empty sociological label called extremism. We are not even just at war with ISIS — though we’re obviously at war with ISIS — but there will be other enemies that will lift the black flag of death in the future even after ISIS has been routed in Syria and Iraq. This is not about workplace violence. This is not about global warming or gun shows. This is not about income inequality. This is not about kids from broken homes, as tragic as that is. This is not about anything that we have done wrong. This is about who we are. This is about the nature of freedom.”