Muslims At Iowa Colleges Demand “Safe Space” To Pray And Spread Information...

Muslims At Iowa Colleges Demand “Safe Space” To Pray And Spread Information About Islam

Muslim students at Iowa colleges want their schools to designate an area solely for them to pray, as well as to provide information about Islam to non-Muslim students.

According to the Des Moines Register:

“Muslims at all three regents universities are working to find a permanent place  to perform their daily and weekly religious obligations. Having an assigned space on campus, they say, also would give non-Muslims a place to learn about a religion they may know only through news coverage of international terrorist attacks.

“If someone wants to know something about Islam, especially with all the controversy going around the world right now, it would be nice to have an address (on campus) where people could come to ask, ‘What do you guys think about this? What do you guys think about that?’ ” said Mohamed Othman, a UI sophomore.

The Salah is one of the Five Pillars of Islam, considered the framework for Muslim life. The Lucas/Dodge Room in the union works well for the student group’s Friday afternoon prayers because it fits everyone comfortably and the abstract art on the walls doesn’t detract from the prayers. But despite efforts to book the room early and often, the group sometimes has to meet in smaller or otherwise inadequate rooms on campus.

“Sometimes we barely make it to the prayers because the rooms change,” Othman said.

Motier Haskins, faculty adviser to the student group, said he has a meeting scheduled this week with Tom Rocklin, UI’s vice president for student life, to bring up the topic…”



  1. Muslim spreading their sick disease of Islam on America and our children, I am sick of their demands go back where you came from and demand.

  2. I am all for that, only if they do the same for Jew, Buddhist, Hindus and Christians, and any other religion if the not then tell the Muslim to go some place else like every other religion does.

    • I have an outhouse, that i am not using. In the spirit of international peace , love and understanding, I would be willing to let them use it !

    • No, they’re supposed to receive special treatment, AT OUR EXPENSE, to do what our children are not permitted to do, in their OWN COUNTRY!!! Even the elementary schools are providing “prayer rooms, w/prayer rugs” at taxpayer expense, while Christian kids cannot even bow their head in the cafeteria to say a silent blessing! Equality?? They aren’t even citizens! This country was founded BY Christians, FOR Christians-even though some who came in weren’t, they were the minority-now WE are! If we had the zeal for Christ that they have for Mohammed, things would be different! They can even block NY streets where people can’t get to their homes or businesses, for THEIR prayers. God help us!

        • They don’t pray to the God of Abraham, they pray to Allah, the Moon God of Arabia, he only saves Muslims!

          • To be honest muslims will realise that this Allah dosnt sa e them either.
            If you are a woman then your life is shit

        • Unfortunately, we can’t blame just him. He is a puppet, put there by HIS religion, to do exactly what he is doing! Prepare the way for their take-over. I honestly believe he was BRED to do exactly what he is doing! Their plans just got a little changed, due to mama’s trip to Kenya & not being allowed to go back to Hawaii before he was born. His schooling was all arranged and paid for, by the muslims.Most of the proof has been hidden, but still enough IF someone would get into it, but I think the problem is, people & their families have been threatened IF they do what is right & attempt to remove him.(Including-or maybe I should say ESPECIALLY- the judges!

      • Please also remember that John Adams said that the Constitution was for a religious ( CHRISTIAN ) people and that it was “wholly inadequate for the government of any other. ” This means that Muslims do not have ANY rights.

  3. Well then, other people should then have the safe space to promote wife beating, bigotry, and also supporting the killing of homosexuals.
    . ..
    oh wait, that’s what they are doing.

    • Might not be too bad if that was all they were doing! Problem is-WE’RE infidels too, so we get the same!

    • Oh, but the Muslims already have that covered by Sharia Law. They just want us all to practice these atrocities.

  4. Am I to understand that muslum religion is ok on school campus but non other?! Fuck that shit! The school needs to be sued for allowing religion in any fuckin room!

    • That wasn’t said. Let’s face it, most “Christians ” aren’t concerned about praying in school. If they want to, great. Muslims pray 5 times a day. No big deal. Let them. I remember in school letting certain religions do certain things. So what…

      • Where did you Get your facts? What school did you attend A private school??

        The ACLU then started using the courts to change school policy. In 1948 the Supreme court used the “Separation of Church and State” argument to outlaw a time for school prayer. In 1962 the Supreme Court again declared that prayer in school was unconstitutional. In 1963 the Warren Court stopped schools from
        allowing Bible reading in classes. In 1980 the Supreme Court
        declared that posting the Ten Commandments in a school classroom
        violated the Constitution of the United States. Here’s where I found mine.

      • So what do we do once we get to college, revoke our faith, hide it because who we are offends those who refuse to hide who they are? Why would we be ashamed of who and what we are? Is that what we want our children to learn in school? I was kicked out of the army for being a Jew by an NCO who was anti-semitic, because I just couldn’t take her Jew-baiting any more. Every time I walked to services on Fri night because the base bus stopped running hours earlier, she would punish me by forcing me to my knees for the whole week polishing all the brass in the building. She threw my Hebrew prayer book on the floor and stomped on it with her boots, claiming that since it wasn’t a King James Bible it wasn’t allowed, and the same with my prayer shawl, as it wasn’t a “civilian garment”. I finally had enough, and had a meeting with the Rabbi who was my chaplain. As he brought me back to my building and held the door for me, she was waiting for me, with a form in her hand, ready to charge me with fraternization with an officer. That was it. Since he saw the evidence of her anti-semitism, he had me home in 2 weeks with an honorable discharge, but the army denied me all benefits. Now students have to live with this kind of discrimination on college campuses for four years? How are they supposed to concentrate on studying when in fear of being attacked by angry Muslims?

  5. What happen to seperation of church & state ? Hell no, stay our of our schools and quit trying to influence our children from grade school to college… Do not like it, then return to your beloved country !!

    • “Stay out of our schools and quit trying to influence our children……….” That is exactly what they have been doing. Unfortunately, they have had the help of all the God rejecting Socialists/Democrats, the Unions, the LGBT’s. We are all being compelled to go along with either them or the blacks and their BLM junk.
      Reading, writing, math, history, geography, science all all secondary and unfortunately, most of the Teacher Union teaches have only a scant knowledge of the three RRR’s. Forget anything beyond that, they never learned anything beyond the basics. Thus, we are graduating a bunch of illiterates who cannot fill out a resume, let alone get and keep a job.

  6. Are there rooms at these colleges for Christian kids to pass out Bibles and answer questions about Christianity???? We need to stop allowing this. They can keep their damn religion/cult out of the schools just like we Christians have been forced to do. No more special rights for these sick cultists.

    • Maybe Christians need to start skipping classes and march until their demands are met.
      None of the problems experienced in schools and colleges were present before we expelled God from our schools and our land.
      I listened to one joker on C-Span today that it was more important to teach these kids how to handle their emotions and political correct junk and their lunches before we try to teach them math, spelling, reading, etc.
      We sure have had to introduce so many programs which never succeed since we no longer feel we need God’s blessing.
      Every Socialist/Democrat wants to remove children from the home as much as possible so that they can indoctrinate them. Unfortunately, this was already tried and failed. We have kids graduating without basic skills because they were just passed along. Now they attend college and find themselves floundering so they look to change the college, it’s professors, administrators so they can get flunky, political correct personnel.

      • Agreed! Parent’s need to pull these kids OUT of college & send them to a vo-tech to learn to earn a paycheck. Then kick their seats out of the house to have to survive like the rest of us. Of course, they’ll then turn up w/”disabilities” & draw a gov. check! Gives the libs more power! Never-ending circle-just what they want!

    • Do we Jewish students get to have a room to hold worship services on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings, and discuss Judaism with interested classmates?I’m sure we don’t, we aren’t even welcome on the same campuses as Muslims or blacks, according to the “black lives matter” cult. But then, Jews make it a point Not to convert others, unless someone comes to our faith of their own free will, from their heart. And then there are months to years of classes to take, private study with a Rabbi before conversion can take place to be sure the person is devout, and they can always change their mind, but will still be welcome in the community, especially when a marriage is involved, at least at the reform level.

      • I pray for the Jewish people every day, and also for the safety of the Israeli’s. It sickens me to see how Jewish students are treated on American college campus’s. I would love to see more education about your faith as well as Christianity…and you are right; Black Lives Matters and Islam are both cults. Evil and despicable….and we haven’t even mentioned the Palestinian crap. I wish Bibi would push them all into the sea.

  7. The 5 pillars of Islam! Let’s see, #1, rape #2, child molestation #3, recruit the impudent to do murderous bidding #4, hate anyone that’s not muslim #5, murder of the helpless & innocent.

  8. What a wonderful idea. Yes, I’d like to know a few things about Islam that no one seems willing to explain. For instance, why do they worship a prophet who by all accounts was a child molester? After all, he married Aisha, a six year old. But then he didn’t consummate the marriage until she reached the ripe old age of nine, so I guess that makes it just peachy. And then there’s the crucifixions of children, and the beheadings of non believers – I mean Infidels. I could go on, but there’s too many questions and not enough answers. What I want to know, is why no one on campus is asking?

  9. Islam is a neo-Nazi organization that loves torturing and murdering those who will not convert to their monstrous cult!!! I can think of a lot of safe places for them………in the Middle East!!!

  10. I think they should have a safe space for their activity. The back side of the moon sounds about right.

  11. For only being in the USA for such a short time they sure have spread out and making demands that are overboard and special just for their cult-=-they want their own laws and demand that stores NOT sell or advertise pork. Watch out America

  12. Send them back to their wonderful country that they have destroyed for 1000’s of years. They can do whatever they want there. How does that school allow any religious activities? If Christians asked for a place to pray, They would be denied or Jews or Hindus , Buddist or whatever.

  13. Muslims “Demand” screwe them..whop do they think they are…problem is they get no real pushback WW DEMAND THEY PUBLICLY, CLEARLY, LOUDLY AND CONSISTENTLY STAND UP AND DENOUNCE ALL THE MUSLIM TERRORIST BULLSHIT

  14. It is stated in the article that the schools involved are “regents universities”. Does that mean that they are state schools, supported largely, or entirely by the taxpayers? If so, pursuant to the First Amendment to the US Constitution, the Muslims should be denied the use of school facilities for religious purposes, unless all religions and atheists are offered similar privileges.

  15. I can’t believe some of the hate coming out of the mouths of my fellow Americans. And before you hate me too, I’m a Bible believing Christian, who knows the hate being spewed doesn’t do us any good. No, I do not believe the Muslim students should have a special place to pray and hand out their literature. Are Christians allowed to hand out Christian literature in any of the colleges in Iowa? I doubt it. Are Hindus, Jews, etc? I doubt it. No special privileges should be given to these Muslim students. They first should assimilate into our culture. Then this hate may cease. Not all Muslims are Islamic Terrorists. Speak out peace loving Muslims against the terrorists, then the hate speech against you might stop.

    • The problem with your premise is that Muslims CANNOT assimilate into our culture without giving up their culture, which is Islam. At which point they are no longer Muslims.

      • Example: Our granddaughter attended college. A Muslim male student had a room on her floor. His door was covered with Muslim writings, his windows (seen from the outside) were always completely covered, he did not mix with the rest of the students. That was his decision, not the decision of the rest of the students. One wonders now what he was doing behind that LOCKED door and blacked windows. Why do they keep on demanding special “privileges”? And if a Christian group wanted to hand out Christian tracts on campus, … wow, forget about it. The A.C.L.U. would be on it so fast it would make your head spin.

    • This is why there are so many problems here right now, like it or not. This is not going to get any better with this kind of hatred. In this country we do have religious freedom, last time I checked. The Jews, Hindu’s ,Buddhists, etc are free to practice what they believe in. I did read the article. I believe the purpose wasn’t to pass out information and cram it down anyone’s throats. I believe they want people to gain an understanding , if

      they are interested. I see no problem in that. Let’s face it , there is too much propaganda out there !!

  16. Islam condones female genital mutilation, sex slaves, mortgaging your wife. They condone child marriage (pedophilia), executing homosexuals, murdering non-believers. This is the ideology Obama defends… Don’t believe me believe his Quran because it’s all in there… So again ask yourselves how can anyone defend an ideology who’s doctrine is to violate the human rights of others…

  17. Sure, but at the same token, those colleges better also have a Christian “safe space” and allow them to spread the Gospel whenever they see fit. If not, we really need to finally stand up to this, because it has gotten beyond ridiculous. They have fully taken advantage of us constantly turning the other cheek and it’s time we stand up for ourselves instead of getting trampled all over, all of the time.

  18. Will they also install a Christian chapel where Christians can meet and spread the word of God? If not, Muslims should not be granted their requests!

  19. TIME for a NEW “Just Say No” campaign – – HEY – – this is AMERICA – – EVERY PLACE is a SAFE PLACE to PRAY

  20. Absolutely not.if they don’t do it f or other religions.then not them either. They are a very demanding group of people who feel they are superior to others. Iowa better say no.they need to assimilate to our culture and not change us.

    • We need some leaders like Australia! Tell them they cannot & will not be allowed to change our country & if they don’t like it, go back where they came from!

  21. Yes! But if we make a stand and all of us literally run them out of town! We don’t want this filth in our country! They will come in to take over with there leader Obama and destroy our country! He and them barbarians are dangerous for us and our children and country!

  22. Hey its something to think about why (if they let them) to do it. But under the guides of what they have been pressing the Christian that Religion has no place in the Government “(separation of church and state)” and that Prayer and teaching of the Christian faith Is Not Allow On Government Controlled Property. So for them to have a safe haven to teach about Islamic faith and to Pray on Government Property (ALL SCHOOL’S) Is according the Constitutional Scholars is Illegal. So If they Allow them to do so and have a safe Haven to Teach Islamic Faith and Pray On A State School Campus is Against the Law.

  23. There is not anything about Islam that’s peaceful. We do not want to be your friends, get out of America.

  24. How about the Sahara desert … very safe.
    Ship these AH’s out of this country … they are all Terrorists In Training

  25. Go from this point-> Islam is not a religion. It therefore should not have 1st amendment protection nor should it receive tax breaks. How stupid are we? Islam is a barbaric system of Governance that is totally incompatible with Western civilization so instead of providing it special priviledges we need to be banning it with an eye towards eradication in the long term. Http://

  26. These so called “students” are in no position to teach religion as much as any of us are ordained to teach about Christianity. This self absorbed entitlement mentality filled with hubris needs to stop. Another set of schools to add to the “No Hire College Grad List” for 2016-2019.

  27. Someone needs to ask the question how they can all ignore their cult’s teachings on rape, genital mutilation, pedophilia, harm to women but then demand their safe space to selectively pray 5 times a day. The answer is simple. You cannot selectively follow portions of a self professed religion and then demand protections and concessions for that religion. Start following ALL of your religion so you can be shown the nearest border exit. Otherwise, just STFU and be thankful the entire militaristic cult hasn’t been wiped off the planet….yet.

  28. Home MEANING BACK TO YOUR OWN COUNTRY….WHAT would happen to us Americans if we even dreamed of going to YOUR country and demanding a place to pray to JESUS ?? Hypocrites…go home and pray

  29. We cannot pray as Christians in college or in any school. You cannot talk about it as it offends people. But they the Muslims want special treatment? I have Muslims in my family that is in the US Army, I have friends that are Muslims and are great people. However I do not believe we need to change our ways to accommodate them when we are losing our own religion.

      • Yep you are one yourself but your the one with Intelligence, other kind of hater. Your anti free-speech, Civil right, freedom of religious expression, or anything that made this country a great country. Just as long as it goes your way. I bet you even one of the advisers that are giving the Anti-Americans how to tear-down the value’s that make this one country that it was know for.

        I bet you couldn’t speak like that in Iraq, or Iran or Syria any other country that has Sherie Law. Oh Yes Women there are Property, Like A Dog. Be happy you were born here. and if you hate this country that much. Well then move out.


  31. Hello, everyone needs a “safe space.” I think then that Christians, Jewish, Buddhist and Hindus should request a chapel, etc,, and granted time to pray. Can we put that in the schedule? These are faiths of love, kindness, respect & forgiveness.

    • Betty take off your Rose Coloured Glasses and look at what they want. To kill all that stands in there path of eradicating anyone that doesn’t believe the way they do. Oh Yes! and to put your head in the sand mean it will get cut off very soon.

        • Hey you! Are you so filled with C&@P you can not see the light? I’m not saying All Muslim are this way. I have a few good friends that Are from the middle east who are of the Muslim Culture. But they are not of the same sect of faith as the ones who are committing the act of terrorism. And what they believe is not Peace for their fellow man but Death to any WHO DO NOT BELIEVE THE WAY THEY DO! And You do you realize that Sheree Law and the Muslim Faith are one in the same. I have no problem about them having the right to practice the faith as long as they don’t try to shove it down the throats of the American Public. And that includes you high and mighty throat you so wish to use to swallow their C&@p. All other faiths do not ask for special privilege. Because of the separation of church and state is in effect to all others Faiths that attend a State Controlled Campus, they don’t ask for Special privilege. So the next time you open your mouth, I hope you are speaking of some place that Mushrooms Grow. So as long as you swallow what there feeding you that’s all you’ll be good for. Growing Mushrooms!

  32. I think also that Americans who claim to have these faiths, practice the “walk the walk”, and not talk the talk, ugh. Don’t say you just don’t care. Be kinder to one another, not short-tempered, even a failed attempt is a try. Keep going, keep trying.

  33. Oh and don’t forget to tell the sheeple about the Perks of Islam too . Like you can beat your wives all day long if you want to , have them wear all concealing black sacks , how you can kill them if they disrespect You or Your Honor . Oh and how they can’t hold down a job or even go to school or even drive a car to and from the doctor or go to the store without escorts . Yeah don’t forget to tell you victims about the Glory and Wonders of Islam . Oh and if you have any GAY Friends fogetaboutit !!!!!

    • Aren’t you so ignorant. Get educated before you spew BS. Women don’t drive in Saudi. They can drive anywhere else. They don’t have to wear a ” black sack”. Maybe learn before you churn hate. Have a nice day…

      • they do wear black sacks over their heads to hide their faces so why dont you go back to where ever you came from mussie or mussie lover

  34. If the college has a Christian chapel, fine if it is not paid for by the college. Really the question is separate of church and state.

  35. is there a safe place for the Pagans, the Christians, the Jews, the Mormons, the Asians, the African Americans … there should be NO SAFE places unless there is a safe place for all races, creeds, religions, nationalities, disabilities .. to offer such to one group discriminates against the other groups.

  36. My message to Muslims on this issue is the same as the U.S. Government’s message to me during my military career.

    “You are here at college (for me, I was in the Army) for a specific task, that task is to learn (In the Army it was to serve), practice your religion and prosthelytize on your own time and in your own space.” Just like the Army, the college is under no obligation to kowtow to any religion nor to make special provisions of “safe space”, engage in your religion on your own, don’t expect others to enable you or provide for you.

  37. If there is an equal place for all religions, then go for it. BUT, if Separation of Church and State Zealots do not cry about this but do about Judeo Christian, something is wrong.

  38. They can have their room as soon as there is a room for every other religion on campus, then they can have one for their little cult.

  39. If they give Muslim their ‘safe place’ to pray, they must give Christians enough Chapels throughout the campus to accommodate them. Chapels must be equipped with chiming bells, crosses and statues both inside and outside these chapels. Better yet, different chapels for Catholics, Protestants, and Synagogue.

  40. Oh it’s only a matter of time that the truth will come out at Obama isn’t a US born Citizen. The DNC covered up his true origin to save face. He was born in Kenya studied the the Faith of the Muslims. Train in Socialist art of Communism (MARX-ism). So we got the kiss of death from the shadow government that put him in power.

  41. They don’t have special rights although they think they do. No they don’t deserve special treatment. Their religion teaches intolerance, hatred, violence, and no rights for women. Christians and Jews get pushed aside. Their religious rights trivialized. The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!

  42. …No way should they get privileges that are denied to students from other religions… These kinds of demands must stop, unless it works the same way for ALL students.

  43. MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone. No Christmas is happy or peaceful when we political correctness reject Christ and the reason for the season.

  44. No one has given ISIS more power to expand other than Obama. So I believe Obama to be the head of ISIS. They are stronger than he/she is.

  45. Your muslim president has “sold you out”. American fools. Go watch Dancing with the Stars while the muslims takeover. Stupid Americans.

  46. OMG!! Are you kidding me???? Hey, guess what? When I was in Dubai during Ramadan this summer, there wasn’t a “safe place” for me to eat my lunch. My daughter and I had to freaking sneak it into the bathroom stall. So, eff this request. When the Muslim countries give non-Muslims a “safe place” to do what they want to do (such as eat lunch or even drink water!!), then the Muslims can have the same in the US. But until then, they can deal with it just the way I had to. And btw, unlike in UAE, if I see a Muslim praying somewhere in the US, I won’t call the police and request that they be arrested, as is the norm and punishment in Muslim countries for breaking their Ramadan (and other) rules. I’m sick of this hypocrisy and double-standard b.s. If they want a safe place in the US, they can go visit one of their mosques. They’re getting tax-exempt status so we’re ALREADY providing a place for them to do whatever they want to do. We don’t need to give more. This is completely out of line. The fact that they are even getting press space and a “consideration at the next meeting” is already more than they should have ever gottten. I’ve raised two kids, and I’ve learned that the best way to take care of a whiny person who’s having a tantrum is the ignore them until they realize that no one is paying attention or cares.

    • Then I guess you didn’t do your research before you went. There are places to go. Btw…in this country we are allowed freedom of religion. Not a big deal. I can remember in school making concessions for other students who weren’t Christian. There are more important things to be concerned about…this isn’t one of them .

      • What school did you attend A private school?? It has not
        allowed in public schools since the Supreme Court up held the Separation of
        Church and State. The ACLU then started using the courts to change public school policy. In 1948 the Supreme court used the ACLU Suit for
        “Separation of Church and State” argument to outlaw a time for Prayer in public schools. In 1962 the Supreme Court again declared that prayer in school was unconstitutional. In 1963 the Warren Court stopped schools from
        allowing Bible reading in classes. In 1980 the Supreme Court
        declared that posting the Ten Commandments in a school classroom
        violated the Constitution of the United States. So before you open that mouth of yours with your unproven opinionated C@&p. You do Your Research!

  47. They can go pray and hand out info at one of their mosques–since we’re already giving them tax-free status and paying for that. Problem solved. Now go to class or go back to your countries if you don’t like the rules and laws in the US. Sheesh!

  48. Never under estimate how much incredible arrogance the Muslims have. They come, see, want, and demand. I’ll get or kill you. The choice is yours.

  49. “Safe” areas were allowed at the University of Arkansas 20 years ago. I am sure it is not the only state school that this has been happening. If Saudis and others send students and money to the school…the school will accommodate.

  50. schools are to remain secular and not become muslim outposts for indoctrination and jihad.How cute is the line “If someone wants to know something about Islam, especially with all the controversy going around the world right now, it would be nice to have an address (on campus) –murder and destruction are a “controversy” only if you are fatally stupid .

  51. Dear Youguess, my point is that this idea should be shut down immediately. It is not fair to other faiths and will only open a huge can of worms. Have a good day! NO ROSE COLORED GLASSES HERE.

  52. Let them pay for it. I thought college was for learning? They want to deseminate religious information on campus? Does not sound right. No one religion should supersede any other religion.

  53. Let them pay for it. Deseminating religious info on campus? Does not sound right to me. No one religion should supersede, any other religion.

  54. There are no accommodations for other religions ! This is outrageous and on the taxpayers dime, nonetheless,,Just a way to try to indoctrinate,, Give the muslims an inch and they take a mile !!

  55. tell them mussies to fuck off they dont need no safe place to turn our kids from god fearing Christians to fucking dumb ass I
    slam fucking dumb asses

      • Oh I agree his mouth is foul but I can see to feed the hate you so want to talk about You are one of the high and Mighty ones who must site at home while you get fed this C&@p that you so deserve. So why don’t you go Crawl back under that rock of Stupidity and suck down some more of that BS you trying to feed everyone one about your “So Goody Two Shoes” Attitude. I bet that you couldn’t even find your way out of the maze of life, with Direction in you high and mighty hand.

  56. Keep making demands and you will find your butts back on a boat to the ME.
    Either embrace our laws and the constitution or get the hell out!!

  57. Well damn! All I have to say about safe zone or safe space my American ass, there is no safe zone or space here if they’re here because they teach hate and kill infidels which is anyone that is not Muslim!!!!

  58. You need to pray, take your ass to ypur church, it is not welcome in a school, unless all religions are! Fuck you!

  59. I’m from Iowa and screw the MUSLIMS! This is America, if they want to pray, pray at home. After all, if a Christian prays the liberals have a hissy fit, and now we are cow towing to a bunch of Muslims who are literally planning to take over the country with this Muslim in Chief while innocent victims just celebrating a Christmas Party get murdered by the damn savages. Islam is evil, it is not a religion, we have barbarism against civilization. Get the HELL out if you don’t like the way we do things in our country!

  60. Once there is a chapel for Christians and rooms for the Judeo prayer time…them KEEP ALL RELIGIONS OUT OF SCHOOLS!!!!

  61. In my humble opinion, they can have a room, if Christians have a room, and Hindos have a room, and Buddists have a room, and every other Religion has a private room/space to follow their beliefs…. only one problem, they, nor we, can seperate religion from the IDEOLOGY it is encased in. …………so big problem… maybe denounce the ideology, remove the burka, seperate from their legal system etc so they are only a religion then give them the same space as other religions have.. OR have one room that is shared by all faiths at different times smile emoticon see how that works …………… BUT …………… Why do they want a space..???? do any other faiths have a seperate space???? to share their faithe?????????? Have the read the Koran lately ???? I have and the first 5 chapters? are full of hate, order to murder ifidels, orders to lie to infidels….. it is a book of hate not peace of love. ALSO I thought a University was for learning not for promoting your so called religion. bet no other religion can do that……. if fact if the media is correct, Christians cant even carry a bible in school grounds?????

  62. Will this happen at work? Just like texting – will a person be allowed to ask to text every minute of the day?

  63. My heart bleeds for them, what is a safe space. Once someone arrives looking to cause problems no space is safe.
    Anyway why should they get shit. Dont like what they have fuck off somewhere else.
    No one asked them to go to that college

  64. I say let them have their space and forum so Americans can have their venue to hold the muslims accountable in front of the general college assembly and when they refuse to answer or speak American patriotisms having been provided their space then the respective college revokes that liberty from them till they attest to American ideals where they choose to live and be educated.
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    Does anyone notice how non-existent any further consensus is on this matter I just evoked here. This is exactly the same passive response previous Republicans and Democrats exercised historically and how Obama took office in the first place.
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    They want to worship here and address us then so be it; conditionally understanding as USA citizens here they will be expected to defend this nation against oppressors and terrorists like ANY OTHER AMERICAN and volunteer male and females to serve in the USA Armed Forces and defend against such horrendous monsters as ISIS where Muslim males and females wearing the same Armed Forces uniforms where said females will not have their heads and faces covered and will assist EXACTLY like any other American Forces to root out on domestic and foreign soils such monstrous groups as ISIS.
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    Use it or loose it!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Require these same Muslims to be the ones to speak up in behalf of USA equalities and request for Christians, Jews, and other faiths to be provided the same LIBERTIES and provisions as they request. If they refuse to speak of requests for equal opportunities across the board then these Muslims advocate and believe in caste LIBERTIES and exclusive entitlements

  66. I thought no religion are aloud in our schools if the little ones can’t even say Merry Christmas how is this right they get to keep everything from there country and demand we change our I SAY NOT JUST NO BUT HELL NO

  67. and we demand a place free of muslim rules and bullshit,if they go back to the hole they crawled out of,they will be able to do all the shitty things they want to do. so they should go back home,and merry fucking chritsmast.

  68. We must confront Islam for what it is: A TOTALITARIAN POLITICAL PROGRAM. So-called “moderate” Muslims are a DELIVERY SYSTEM for POLITICAL Islam. Islam is a POLITICAL system, holding sway in 55 different nations. 11 of those routinely execute their citizens for the “crimes” of homosexuality, adultery and apostasy (choosing a religion other than Islam). The “prophet” of Islam, and the supreme life-example for every Muslim is Muhammed: a warlord, a paedophile, a slavemaster and a rapist, who *taught* all of these actions as well as modelled their behavior. 1400 years of adherance to Muhammed’s teaching and example of rape, slavery and plunder burned a bloody swath across the Middle East and Europe that killed 270 million human beings.

    Therefore, NEVER ALLOW ANYONE to tell you that Islam is their precious little personal “faith.” The extravagant metaphysical claims and ritual practices only serve to make the POLITICAL system of Islam one of TOTAL SOCIAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL CONTROL. Not only is their no freedom in Islam – Islam is HOSTILE TO HUMAN FREEDOM. In Islam, the “unbeliever” is “FILTH” and an “ABOMINATION BEFORE GOD” that must convert or be destroyed.

    Also, please be aware of two crucial points:

    1. Muslims are instructed, by their “Holy Quran,” to LIE TO UNBELIEVERS whenever they are in the minority or in danger. The name for this practice of holy lying, or pious fraud, is “TAQIYYA.” This is why Muslims are “moderate” when they emigrate to Western countries (for which the Quran promises them heavenly rewards, if their intention is to prepare the way for Islam), and stoning women, chopping heads off adulterers and unbelievers, and throwing homosexuals off high buildings, in countries where they are the majority.

    2. ABROGATION. You will hear “moderate” Muslims (and their apologists) reciting all manner of “peaceful” and “tolerant” Quran verses, yet many more verses are violent. You will hear them claim “there is no compulsion in Islam.” Yet Muhammed again and again in the Quran tells his believers to “kill the unbelievers wherever you find them.” (2:191). How can this be? Muhammed himself explains that later verses ABROGATE (replace and nullify) any previous verses which they may seem to contradict. The “verses of peace” are generally from the first twelve years of Muhammed’s teaching, before he left Mecca for Medina and became a brutal warlord, putting all who disbelieved in him to the sword (this point – of becoming violent and coercive – is marked by Islamic scholars as the beginning of the religion). The “verses of violence” are from after this initial period of non-violent evangelism (which was a complete failure). All this is complicated by the fact that the Quran is not organized chronologically, but according to the length of its verses.

    Study this POLITICAL AND LEGAL SYSTEM in the guise of religion. Study it’s HISTORY. ARM YOURSELF WITH KNOWLEGE and don’t let these lying, bullying, conniving INVADERS either lie to you or to others. And don’t let them make you out to be the bad guy for questioning their precious personal “faith” – that is a PROGRAM FOR POLITICAL AND SOCIAL DOMINATION.

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