Outrage After Ohio Wal-Mart Throws Marine Collecting “Toys For Tots” Out In Brutal Winter Weather

A Wal-Mart in Ohio is under fire after throwing a Marine who was collecting donations for Toys For Tots out in weather described as “brutal” after the Veteran had previously collected toys there without incident for over 15 years…

According to Fox 8 Cleveland:

“A veteran Marine and his wife are disappointed after they were asked to take their Toys for Tots campaign outside their local Walmart. But they aren’t the only ones upset, a photo shared online has people outraged…

Thousands of people have shared the picture of John Harkness standing outside of the Medina Walmart on Pearl Rd. The picture was taken by a Medina resident on Saturday, when the weather was brutal, according to the couple.

Much of the feedback received is that it was disrespectful for the Marine to have to stand outside.

Lynn Harkness is the Toys for Tots Coordinator in Medina County. Standing in the toy warehouse Sunday, she explained that this incident was not only an issue of disrespect, but health is a factor for the volunteers.

“We have the Auxiliary and the Marines helping they are in their 60s most of them and on up. A couple of the Marines have had cancer surgery and their health isn’t the best, being out in the bad weather could damage their health,” she said.”