Ben Carson Meets With Refugees In Jordan

Ben Carson Meets With Refugees In Jordan

AP photo

2016 GOP Presidential hopeful Dr. Ben Carson is traveling to Jordan to meet with refugees this weekend.

According to The Hill:

“Ben Carson is traveling to Jordan on Friday in order to gain a better understanding of the plight faced by refugees fleeing war-torn Syria, he told The New York Times.

“I find when you have firsthand knowledge of things as opposed to secondhand, it makes a much stronger impression,” the GOP presidential candidate told the paper.

Carson plans to meet with refugees at the Azraq refugee camp in northern Jordan, where the retired neurosurgeon will visit a clinic and a hospital. He will also bring soccer balls and Beanie Babies to distribute to children in the camp, according to the Times.

Carson opposes allowing Syrian refugees into the country, pointing to the Nov. 13 terrorist attacks in Paris in which at least one assailant is suspected of entering the country posing as a migrant.”



  1. Dr. Carson is doing the right thing by going and finding out what the people want.Him doing this is why I like him, and I have such a good feeling about him. Just like I new what O was all about 78 yrs, ago. God Bless Dr. Carson.

  2. It makes for a good photo op but he will learn nothing new. He will learn that these people live a harsh an hopeless lives and that they deserve better. He will say they are nice people.
    The scumbags that hide among them he will never see.

    • True and I’m thankful he didn’t see the scumbags. However planning to keep your eyes closed and just blindly offer to absorb say 100,000 refugees is just a drop in the bucket- it might make some big wigs feel good. But, It would be a band-aid on a wound that requires surgery.

    • @franklyfrank@maureenwheat—-pal you suck. You should be deprived of the the things you take for granted == things Dr. Carson STANDS FOR… He is harder to hear amongst the circus bought and paid for by the GOP…but i am leaving the party if they broker this convention. The will have dipped into the wickedness of dem. territory. no.

  3. Now here is a person who is doing what it takes to learn how to solve the problems that concern us. Not jetting off to discuss climate change in the midst of a refugee and terrorist crisis.

  4. I believe Ben Carson’s future is our future. I do not care about polls. I care what comes out of the candidate’s mouth. He has not lied. He has not stolen. He has not fliped, although he has refined esp defining Life. OUR COUNTRY NEEDS BEN CARSON. And don’t pander S*** like “photo op”. This man organizes in his mind before he opens his mouth—I will continue to support and align with Ben Carson.

  5. We will not elect another black man for a very long time…Although Carson is a great man…We have had it for now with any voting for color….

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