Ron Paul: Obama And Hillary Caused Crisis In Syria, Send Refugees To...

Ron Paul: Obama And Hillary Caused Crisis In Syria, Send Refugees To The White House If They Want Them So Bad

Former Congressman Ron Paul had strong words for President Obama and Hillary Clinton recently, blasting them in an op/ed over Syrian refugees.

“Has there ever been a more foolish and wrong-headed foreign policy than this,” Paul asks.

“The American people have been forced to pay untold millions for a ten-year CIA and Pentagon program to undermine and overthrow the Syrian government, and now we are supposed to pay millions more to provide welfare for the refugees Obama created,” Paul said.

“Who should pay for the millions fleeing the chaos that Washington helped create?… How about Hillary Clinton, who came up with the bright idea that “Assad must go”? How about President Obama himself, a president elected to end wars, but who has ended up starting more wars than his predecessor? It’s time those who start the wars start paying for the disasters they create. Then perhaps we might have some relief from an interventionist foreign policy that is destroying our financial and national security.

If Obama wants to take in refugees from the chaos in Syria, there are probably plenty of vacant rooms in the White House.”



  1. President Obama is extremely dangerous to Americans, everything that he does is destructive to our way of life. He does not have one ounce of integrity. The bringing in of illegal aliens from Mexico, South America, Syria and everywhere else is not because he loves people and even cares about their well being. He is the most selfish person alive, his only concern is his agenda which is Satanic. Satan comes as an angel of light as well as a roaring lion. Lying and deception is not from God but from Satan who is the father of liars. Obama’s goal is to keep his party of failed policy which is destructive to this Nation. The only way he can keep control and avoid prosecution for his crimes and to stop the newely elected officials from killing all his illegally passed law is for the Democrats to continue in power. To do this he must make his own voting base of illegal voters. Like Satan does in the end times he promises rewards to those who will side with him so he can maintain his power and control giving land to those who will follow him. Obama promises citizenship to those who will vote for him, he promised court ordered legal marriages to those homosexuals that would vote for him. He promises Sharia law to the Muslims and citizenship. He promises unions green jobs and check off for their continued support . The American people lose their freedom by making deals with the devil. You no longer are the Government of the people for the people. But you become a puppet on a string tugged this way and that by secret deals made behind closed doors. We had better wake up to what is happening in America before it is too late if it is not already too late

  2. Barack can keep his Syrian Refugees with HIM in DC if he wants them so BAD. The 10th Amendment does not give him the ability to put my town in danger with Terrorists.

  3. That’s a really good Idea!!! For all of those who support, allowing mr BH oblama, to let the Syrian Refugees come into the United States, have them; House, Support & be 100% responsible for Everything that refugee does.

  4. If this is a ten year program, assuming that this is its 10th year, then doesn’t that mean the program began during the Bush administration? Syria is commonly referred to as Iran’s closest ally Are you all saying that there was no point in undermining the stability of Iran’s closest ally? Does this mean that we should do nothing to precipitate change in Iran also? Tuck our tail between our legs and just leave them alone? You so called Conservatives are sounding like a bunch of Liberals.

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