MUST Watch: Liberal Chris Matthews DESTROYS Obama On Syrian Refugees

Normally a huge Obama “fangirl,” Chris Matthews DESTROYED President Obama and the Dems on the Syrian refugee controversy recently.

Below, check out the short video, along with a partial transcript.

“Let me finish tonight with two numbers that don’t make sense,” Matthews said as he compared the number of Syrian refugees — 4 million — and the number of Syrians recruited by the U.S. to help fight the Islamic State — four.

“Is there just one in a million Syrians willing to fight for Syria? Is that the deal? Is it?” Matthews asked. “Would just one in a million Americans be willing to fight for our country?”

“Some said here last night that we can’t ask Syrians to fight for their country because they have families,” Matthews said. “Well, tell that to the American families, those we care most about, who have a member of their family on their fourth-deployment right now.

“Is it too much to ask that the Syrians lead the fight to retake Syria?” Matthew continued. “It is their country. Unless they’re willing to abandon it. And what do we think of people who do that? And besides, even if we, the United States and other European countries overthrew ISIS, we’d still have to turn Syria over to somebody. If we had Syrians playing the rightful part in the liberation of their country, they would be the ones taking it over.”