California Love: Marco Rubio Misses Paris Intelligence Briefing For Big Money Fundraiser!

California Love: Marco Rubio Misses Paris Intelligence Briefing For Big Money Fundraiser!

Even supporters of Florida Senator and 2016 GOP Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio were stunned to learn Rubio missed an important post-Paris intelligence briefing earlier this week, instead opting for a high-priced fundraiser out in California…

Newport Beach area guests paid the Rubio campaign a minimum of $1,000 per plate to attend the fundraising event in Cali.

According to the Broward-Palm Beach New Times:

“Following the Paris terrorist attacks last week, Marco Rubio reversed his previous stance on allowing Syrian refugees into the country. On Wednesday, Rubio was scheduled to attend a classified briefing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee where the United States’ role in the aftermath of those attacks would be discussed. Instead, the presidential hopeful skipped out on it and attended a big-money fundraiser in California.

The meeting, which featured State Department officials, a Homeland Security official, and a senior intelligence officer, reportedly discussed the Syrian refugee issue as well as the threat of terrorism in the wake of the Paris attacks, and Rubio would have gotten information very few are privy to. The briefing, called “The Aftermath of Paris: America’s Role,” was for those who have clearance only. Since Rubio is the only presidential candidate who serves on the Senate Intelligence Committee, it was a golden opportunity for him to get ahead on the biggest topic of the day.

Instead, Rubio skipped out on the meeting to attend a $1,000-a-plate dinner fundraiser in Newport Beach, California.”



  1. Well, we all know where Maro’s attention always is, eh, folks. Follow the money, Marco. What a president this sniffer will make.

    • My thoughts exactly!! He just got the job of Senator, & he thinks he’s ready to be president. He is not experienced in anything except politics-right?

    • Well Marco Rubio wanted to make these Illegals/ Legal Citizens. Problem with that is they do not take the Oath to ” Defend our Nation against all Foreign and Domestic aggression”. Just because they are Legal does not mean they are Citizens. It just means that breaking the Law to get here can afford them the right to have the Taxpayer pay for their Legal Representation., which would make it almost impossible to be deported if he did this.

    • Why don’t ya just vote for Obama again? You problably would if he could run again!! Just as bad as voting for Rubio!!

      • Good grief Faye, I am 72 years old and have never voted for a Democrat since i was eligible to vote. I despised HUSSEIN Obama with a passion. You mentioning that I voted for him made me so sick I felt like throwing up. I haven’t decided yet who to vote in the primary. There are more than one of the GOP candidates that I am keeping my eyes on. If you had actually read what I wrote I said, “I am still going to vote for him IF HE WINS THE NOMINATION.” Translation, I will vote for him over a Democrat.

        • I meant that a vote for Rubio is the same as a vote for obama! They are both narcissistic & power hungry! I never vote democrat either!! I got what ya meant! Sure didn’t mean to make ya throw up!

          • So if Rubio wins the nomination, you wouldn’t be voting for anyone. Which means that you’ll be giving the Democrats a better chance of winning. That’s what happened to Mitt Romney. Many Republican voters stayed home, because they assumed that their votes wouldn’t have mattered. Rubio is far from being anywhere near like Obama. Rubio will make a good president just the same. And all the candidates do have some minor faults. You wouldn’t find one that is absolutely perfect. You do have a choice either you vote for a Republican, or give the Democrats better odds of winning.

          • You should find someone to interpret was I said! I have never failed to vote & I never will!! I’m done with you!! Find someone else to argue with!

  2. This is the MAIN reason I have NOT supported this US Senator for running for President!! It is the # of voting sessions that he has missed since being a Senator!! Not on MY dollar!! Go TRUMP!!

  3. I do believe Rubio is going to be looking for another job in the near future. He will not be the Republican nominee and the good people of Florida are fed up with him so they will most likely vote him out as they should. What a waste. This is why government workers, reps, senators, governors etc… should be forced to resign if they want to campaign for another government position.
    TRUMP 2016

      • Maybe?? But Trump has had years of business experience, mostly in dealing with foreign countries & people from other countries. He has had tons of experience in dealing with people, knowing what it takes to make deals work!! There are so many examples from NY, which he was the only person who stepped forward to offer a resolution &&&& finished a project–many ahead of time!! It is interesting that the news media, including Fox, has not broadcasted this!! I am not campaigning for him, or on his staff, or have any ties to him. But, I have read his books–he is tremendously successful & what this country, deeply in debt, needs right now, is someone who knows how to run a business!! Trump is definitely that!!

        • Trump is also using his own Money, so he won’t be obligated to become someone else’s puppet man. He has also brought up how many victims have been hurt by these Sanctuary Cities who allow these Illegal felons to get away with murdering our Citizens.

    • He would also be a SPENDER IN CHEIF like Obama is. He cannot balance his own personal finances, so how could he balance a Nations. When he spent Ten thousand dollars from his Republican Credit card, he was what is called Co-mingling and is against the Law, so he has no respect for what is right or wrong.

  4. This man is known for missing sessions of all kinds. That leaves me to wonder what he would ignore if he became president. I shudder at the thought. Trump 2016.

    • Trump scares me. However, all the other candidates scare me even more. As a result, I will join you. Trump 2016.

    • Damn! You sound just like Hillary Clinton!! No BIG deal?? We pay his salary to be there to WORK for a living and not go traveling around like he has ALL of the $$. If he does not have it, he will use a government issued credit card and say it was a “mistake”!! Is this who you want to Represent YOU in the White House? NO WAY, JOSE!!

      • Calm down. You need to worry about the big stuff. Like ISIS, Iran. And as for sounding like Hillary Clinton, although I despise that woman, this is not comparable to “What difference does it make now?” Get your priorities in order.

  5. Okay, so the briefing was being given by Obama administration officials. They (the administration) have clearly missed the boat on the entire Middle East, so what could Rubio possibly gain from being there in person to hear Obama mouthpieces reciting the party line? He can read the transcripts later. He didn’t miss anything. Move along, nothing to see here.

    • Marco was not there to do the Vote for a delay on letting in all of these Syrian Refugees. Just like Lindsey Graham who did not vote one way or the other on this Plan Parenthood budget.

  6. This is Conservative Intel? Give me a break. Given a choice between hearing Obama’s non-strategy for engaging ISIS, and trying to win an election, Marco Rubio did what he should have done, work on becoming president so that he can put this country back on track. The negative comments below reflect a naive and misunderstanding of the political process and the financial requirements for sustaining a campaign. Rubio remains the most knowledgeable, articulate and disciplined Republican candidate. He can deliver the Hispanic vote, which a Republican will require in order to win.

  7. So….running out to make some money while we are paying him to be involved with our problems now with terrorists that he runs out on.. Lucky guy….Getting paid twice.

  8. I do not understand why he is allowed to keep his Senate Seat if he will not have time to do his Job. It should be mandatory for a Sitting Senator to release himself from his duties if he cannot attended or preform the duties he is paid to do. That goes for Rand Paul and Ted Cruz as well.

  9. So what, he’s on the foreign intelligence committee and he can always catch up. No matter what he’s the only candidate that can beat Hillary in the general, no matter what the polls say.

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