Ben Carson Just Made A Shocking Admission

Ben Carson Just Made A Shocking Admission

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>>>Breaking: Politico Backtracks After Lies About Ben Carson EXPOSED!




  1. It’s too bad the Republicans black entry into the presidential arena is on the same level as the democrats entry Obama , both are liars . Of course it goes without saying old Hil is a liar .

  2. Impossible to comprehend the need to boost what was an impressive personal story with something that was flat out untrue. Very disappointing… And he will be blasted for it by liberal media who just accept that Hillary has been an accomplished liar most of her life.

  3. Dr. Carson is a nice guy, but his books are ALL very self-adulating tomes; every one with his photo on the cover, and every one asserting policy positions equivalent to those of Jimmy Carter. The only reason the TEA Party people want him, is to have their own token Black, to match Obama. Racial politics is wrong, no matter who plays that game.

    Now it turns out that the gifted neurosurgeon has also told a series of lies about his past. Carson’s biggest selling point with his fawning fans has been his integrity. Now that’s shot, and I see a Trump/Cruz ticket on the horizon. They can clean Hillary’s clock.

  4. Get the facts. And….if I wanted to read what the Politico had to say about this I would go to THE POLITICO and not Conservative Intel. Copying and pasting is not reporting. Disappointing.
    And, I am not a Carson supporter.

    • In one of his many autobiographies, Dr. Carson wrote:

      “Later I was offered a full scholarship to West Point. I didn’t refuse the scholarship outright…”. But the fact is that he was NOT offered a full scholarship to West Point, nor does that Daily Wire article refute this.

      • I’m not a Carson supporter, and also believe Cruz is the best choice. None of what you’ve said has any bearing on this Carson hit piece. The whole scholarship thing isn’t even an issue, because West Point doesn’t charge tuition anyway. You go there in exchange for military service. That’s not the issue. The Politico article tries to give the impression that Carson lied in his book, and that his campaign “admitted” it, which they did not. regardless of Carson’s policy positions, or what kind of President YOU think he would make, this story is patently false, and no good man deserves to be smeared like this.

        • No they don’t. But Politico keeps right on doing it. Look what they, the MSM, and that sorry old coot Reid did to Romney. All of them are nothing more than sewer rats wallowing around in slime.

        • False stories by the MSM!!?? No!! Surely you MUST be kidding!

          Give me a break. My point was that the story of ‘Ben Carson the Conservative’ is not supported by his positions, written over a 20+ year period. These hit pieces don’t matter; his posturing as a constitutional conservative does matter, very much.

      • Maybe you’re a little jealous that you didn’t pull yourself up out of poverty and become a life saver for children. Why don’t you attack Trump? All he does in his speeches is me, me, me. I think you are misreading the quietness of Dr. Carson. Just because he doesn’t feel it necessary to go around yelling, blasting the other candidates like Trump does, does not mean when needed, that he can’t do the right thing for our country.

        And I do like Cruz. I think he and Dr. Carson would make a good pair in the WH.

  5. This could be very easily explained. I assume Dr. Carson met this general at a function and talking about his ROTC graduation, It was mentioned that he could go to West Point on a scholarship (which they all get) and after thinking about it he decided he didn’t want that as he wanted to be a surgeon. Dr, Carson at the time it sounded like he was offered a scholarship just being a high school graduate! Very understandable but the nations press will spin this into the greatest lie ever told. Just watch and listen tonight!.

  6. He was offered a 4 year ride but declined to pursue his medical interest. Sooo
    He was not a lie. In the late 60’s there was a concerted effort to recruit blacks into the military academies. He was the top ROTC prospect in the Detroit area. He held the rank of 2nd Lieutenant. They wanted him very much.

  7. Unsubscribing. Getting ready for Hillary to be president. This is what all of you want, conservative and liberal media. Who really owns you I don’t know. I am just out of here.

  8. Did anyone really expect anything other than lies from Politico? I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but it was no surprise to me that Politico would attempt to try and spin this into something it wasn’t.


  10. If that is the worst thing that the Media has dug up on Carson, then he is my man! I have read absolutely shocking and evil things about Obama from day 1 and about HIllary and no one seems to give a damn.

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