Media STUNNED: Kentucky Dems On The Ropes As Rand Paul Foe Falls...

Media STUNNED: Kentucky Dems On The Ropes As Rand Paul Foe Falls In Shocking Upset

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Persistent media reports of 2016 GOP Presidential hopeful Rand Paul facing trouble back home in Kentucky have turned out to be completely off base as election returns in Kentucky have Dems wondering, what went wrong?

Tea Party fave Matt Bevin captured the Governor’s mansion from Dem control, Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes-known for her Senate race against Mitch McConnell-nearly lost, and that wasn’t all.

Democrat State Auditor Adam EdelenĀ is out of a job despite outspending his Republican opponent Mike Harmon nearly $1 millionĀ to $40,000.

Harmon, a State Representative, won with about 51% of the vote with almost all precincts in.

Edelen was considering running against Senator Rand Paul for his Senate seat in 2016, but reports say that is now unlikely.

Paul put out robocalls and emails targeting Edelen to help Harmon’s campaign.

The victory at home comes as Paul’s campaign is picking up momentum nationwide after his speech railing against the Obama/Boehner debt ceiling deal went “viral.”



    • Isn’t that redundant? The Bill of Rights is the first ten amendments of the Constitution. But it does pay to emphasize it! ;-)

    • If Rand somehow doesn’t get the nomination, please vote Libertarian or something to indicate your unhappiness with the establishment.

      • My williIngness to vote Libertarian as I have in the past is dependent somewhat on how much I see Libertarians coming out to vote libertarian in GOP primaries. In 2012 I saw a lot of LP support for Ron Paul’s campaign so I voted Gary Johnson in Nov 2012. These last two years I’ve seen mostly targeting of liberty Republicans by the LP, who stand a much better chance of winning if they can get past their primary. Point being I’ll stand with others who stand with us.

  1. It should also be noted that Bevin was supported by the Tea Party. It’s looking great for conservatives for 2016!

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