Fightin’ Words: Donald Trump Has Harsh Words For Ben Carson

Fightin’ Words: Donald Trump Has Harsh Words For Ben Carson

2016 GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump blasted fellow White House hopeful Ben Carson in an interview Monday, also targeting Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio.

According to ABC News:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump ripped into his Republican rivals today, saying Ben Carson doesn’t have the experience or the temperament to be president.

“It’s not his thing. He doesn’t have the temperament for it,” the New York real estate mogul told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos on “Good Morning America.” “I think Ben just doesn’t have the experience.”

Trump also blasted Marco Rubio, who’s emerging from the pack as an establishment alternative to Jeb Bush. “I’m not a fan. I think he’s overrated,” he said, adding that Russian President Vladimir Putin “would eat him alive.”

He also criticized Bush, saying he should “absolutely” drop out of the 2016 race. “He doesn’t have a chance,” Trump said today.”



  1. Donald Trump is too critical of Dr. Carson. In my opinion, Dr. Carson has the perfect temperament for president. He has enough experience to solve problems. He can find a way to solve any problem. I think Trump is being critical because that is all he knows how to do towards opposition. Someday it will eat his lunch. Dr. Carson has past him in the polls because the American people want someone they can trust and depend on to do the right thing. I think a big percentage of the people are seeing through Trump’s façade of the Apprentice attitude.

    • I totally agree. Dr. Carson is someone I trust to do the right thing. I was talking to a couple of friends today who think the same which surprised me. All three of us agreed that Trump is a bully who enjoys the role and has never been told “no” (very much like Obama) because when someone disagrees with him they get fired or destroyed. Many are losing respect for him because he prides himself on “hitting people harder than they ever imagined”….and those people are his fellow Republicans. We do not need a playground bully for President (that’s our problem now). We need a real adult who is a problem solver and can actually talk to those who don’t agree with him. The only way to fix DC is to elect someone who will work to make the lives of the American people better through consensus not division and turmoil.

  2. I do agree with Trump regarding Jeb Bush. He just needs to drop out. It simply is not his time. He is just another Boehner.

  3. Carson is just being pumped by the liberal media. They know he would lose against HRC and a large number of republican fed up with skin color would just stay home. That’s for real. It’s unfortunate, but it’s real. Trump can and will win and the liberals are scared out of their minds.

    • Yeah, a large number of Republicans stayed home when Romney ran against Obama and how’s that working out? Carson is not being pumped by the liberal media, he is virtually being underestimated and ignored and still he surges ahead in the polls. Don’t count me in your hateful, unintelligent assessment of Republicans being fed up with “skin color”. Personally, I think another black president would help remove the bad taste we have in our mouths for the first one who has been a huge disappointment and probably will go down as the worst president ever. I just hope people aren’t stupid enough to fall for the “first woman president”. If you are going to be “a first” you better damned well be good for the country.

      • Well said Barb Leonard. I’m from Kentucky and we elected Matt Bevin, a Christian conservative, and his running mate Jenean Hampton (who will make history as Kentucky’s first African-American to hold statewide office) yesterday. It had nothing to do with color, and it definitely wasn’t because they ran a negative campaign. Bevin’s opponent, Jack Conway, actually spent millions of dollars in negative ads and lost to Bevin who stayed away from the mudslinging and focused on the issues. Not to mention,,,,, the democrats have controlled the governor’s mansion in Kentucky for 40 of the last 44 years. Bevin’s campaign was almost identical to what Ben Carson has done so far and he won 106 of 120 counties here in Kentucky. I hope the GOP candidates are taking notes.

    • I couldn’t blame anyone, including Republicans, for being fed up with the prog narrative on skin color. But it’s important to note that’s not what’s happening here.

      The real significance of the Carson candidacy has not been fully appreciated yet. He goes into places like Harlem, speaks, and people whose only prior exposure to conservative ideas has been in caricature and ridicule, listen, take note, and support him in significant numbers. The Democrats have historically counted on 85 to 95 percent of the black vote being in the tank for them. Carson is changing that math, and he’s probably the only candidate who can. And he doesn’t even have to win a majority of the black vote to win the presidency. He’s not just “expanding the electorate”, and not just expanding it for the benefit of conservative values and ideals; he’s doing it by taking away a huge chunk of what the Dems have historically considered their safest constituency.

  4. Another misleading headline – his statement regarding Dr. Carson’s ability is not “harsh.” These headlines must be written by someone raised by politically correct parents/schools.

  5. I think Trump is right. Carson should not give up surgery. His record in the operating room and his reputation there are number one. He is too low keyed for the president job. He is also right about Bush. But, I disagree on Rubio. He would make an excellent Latino from Florida running mate. Would give Trump Florida, for sure! We love him here!

  6. Rubio is a UN Agenda 21 proponent. The reason our country is in dire straits. Do your research and you won’t love him in Florida or anywhere else. Smart Growth, Responsible (fill in the blank), Green (fill in the blank) are all organizations with direct ties to the UN agenda 21. The entire U.S. government has bought into this program of the depopulation, dumbing down education, taking America’s sovereignty and giving it to the UN and allowing them to police our country, along with so much more. They have taken our jobs offshore, allowed immigration into this country to the point where the middle class is nonexistent, they plan to take our houses, our cars, our land, our food and move us into megacities where apparently, global warming won’t matter then. Matthew 16:26-27 – For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what shall a man give in return for his soul? For the Son of Man is going to come with his angels in the glory of his father and then he will repay each person according to what he has done.

  7. I looked into Rubio;s finances and frankly, if he can’t handle his own debt crisis that he made, how can he handle the much more dire debt crisis the country is in. My opinion is that where money is concerned the man either lacks integrity or control. Not sure which it is but I don’t trust him.

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