Will Jeb Bush Drop Out? His Struggling Campaign Just Made A Big...

Will Jeb Bush Drop Out? His Struggling Campaign Just Made A Big Announcement

Photo by Gage Skidmore

2016 GOP Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush is struggling to keep his campaign running, fueling speculation the former Florida Governor may drop out if he can’t turn things around in the next few weeks and months.

While dropping out is unlikely, Bush is clearly struggling to stay a float.

According to Politico:

“Jeb Bush on Friday ordered a wholesale restructuring of his struggling campaign after suffering miserably in the polls despite massive spending and a deep donor network.

The campaign will cut payroll costs by 40 percent, downsize its Miami headquarters by more than 50 percent, reduce travel costs by 20 percent and cut 45 percent of spending on things other than media and voter contact.

The cuts will begin on Nov. 1.

Although campaign officials insisted they’re still in strong shape, the cuts — combined with Bush’s stagnant poll numbers — suggest otherwise. According to donors, some of whom called for Bush to rein in its spending, the campaign’s assurances about its organizational and financial advantages had worn thin; and the third-quarter financial report, filed last Thursday, gave further definition to their growing concerns about the state of the campaign.”



    • He HAD to convince his wife first, because his family wanted him to run! He has not shown the fire in this race from the start! His Common Core and his immigration stances have hurt him from the beginning!!

      • Do not ignore the fraud involved…Take out the dead people votes alone and you would be surprised that O was not really elected either time…

  1. No, he will not drop out. The RINO GOP Bush Family believes they have been ordained by the almighty to rule America as a family business. Jeb is just carrying on the family business

    • Joe Kennedy & his ‘Booze Bootlegging’ got them going.. The war got Joe Jr. Giancanna put a ‘stop’ order out on JFK.. Bobby went & Chapaquidic (sp) put Teddy down…Bush’s I believe was & is still with ‘Oil’..

    • The Bush family is a Good family and very loyal to America and they have been rewarded extremely well for that. But Jeb does not always do as he is told and has had differences with the family and his manner will make his contributors step back and you can see the money flow from these contributors are already pulling back and we were happy he got out of politics in Florida, but probably not as much as his wife was.

  2. Does not seem to be to into it, seems he is just running cause his name is Bush….Nice guy though.
    We need new blood in the Whitehouse….Dr. Ben Carson LOVE HIM!
    . I like Trump however yelling and calling people names…not so much!

    • Agree on Carson but we needed Trump’s explosive and abusive talk to set the rhinos straight and wake up the republican supporters and it did. The liberal democrats do it all the time so it was way past time for the Republicans to return the favor. Only problem is McCain, Romney, Boehner, McConnell, graham and the rhinos just don’t get it and didn’t have the balls or brains to do it.


      • Eagle I guess you really want Hillary in office. A vote for Trump is a sure vote for Clinton. And even if he did win we would be blown off the map with the bomb. After he insults every foreign leader that is a clear path for us to be wiped off the map because one one would ever come to help us in our time of need with trump as president

    • He thought he was a shoe in…He has had every other thing handed to him all his life as did his father etc….

  3. Low energy… Lower poll numbers… Lowest IQ! May God grant us a reprieve from another Progressive RINO in the White House!

      • Amen, Eagles, and AMEN. The career politicians are the ones the writers of the Anti-federalist Papers warned us about. The new ruling class that doesn’t give a crap about the Constitution, the people, the law or anything but money and power.

  4. A good man but does not have the strength, power or will to maintain a tough fight in a campaign. After the nightmare of the past 7 plus years America needs a STRONG, determined man. Trump fits that bill!!!

    • “HUMP” Trump..Cruz & Carson are FAR more Qualified for BEGINNING the Restoration Tasks facing OUR Country’s SURVIVAL..Both HERE & in Foreign Policy !!!

      • Have you read any book written by Carson? I have three of his books; early, middle, and recent. Ben Carson’s policy positions over the years are indistinguishable from those of Jimmy Carter, but Carter was not as self-adulating as Ben. Yes, he’s a gifted neurosurgeon and a super nice guy; but he hardly has the personality type for the presidency, zero governing experience, and ‘really nice guy’ is hardly qualification for the office.

        As hard as it is to believe it, Trump is the only person on the GOP ticket that has a chance of beating the donkey party’s ticket, whoever it is. Ted Cruz is the sharpest knife in the drawer; a phenomenal debater and would make a very good president (if he could keep his ego in check) but he is simply unelectable even in the GOP primary, much less a general election.

        If Trump picked Carson as his VP, that would be a ticket that millions of conservatives could get behind, and it might give Dr. Carson 4-8 years to gain the necessary fortitude and bearing for the top slot. Although his milquetoast demeanor might never change; remember ‘Jimmuh’ Carter?

        One could wonder how berserk the Black “hood” would go with a *second* black man in the presidency (this one 100% black). The lunacy and entitlement of the Black “hood” ratcheted like crazy over the past seven years; but the Carsons are normal folks, not race-pimpin’, race-baitin’ communists like the Obummers, so they might reverse the horrible decline in American race relations that we’ve suffered while the Muslim terrorist and his caviar-eating, looter wife have been in the White House.

        • When did Trump stop being a liberal Democrat. After the phone call from Bill? Marco Rubio is the only candidate that the Democrats fear. Hillary would beat Trump or Carson.

    • Let’s not worry so much as to what Republicans are, let’s be more concerned about what Democrats are doing to this great country. The liberal , socialist Democrats has that acronym R.I.N.O drilled into the minds of a lot of people, and that is their game plan, blame all that is bad on Republican in name only to take heat off themselves. Really folks, don’t you get tired of people like Chris Van Hollen , Sheila Jackson-Lee and others coming across that way ? I do.

  5. The next GOP debate on Wednesday Oct. 28th. may have a LOT more to indicate if JB holds on.
    .I’d prefer he packed it in..My “A” Team is Cruz & Carson 2016,2020 then Carson & Gowdy 2024, 2028..Being 85 I may not be ‘around’ for the whole ”gammit”..But I’ll one damn HAPPY Dad, Grand dad & Great Grand dad to see this RESTORATION Process Begin..When ever my ‘time’ to leave happens !!!!!
    John Sharp, S/Sgt. USAF SIS

  6. Carson was a democrat before Oct. 31, 2014. He is not a business man. We need someone who knows how to run a business and how to get things done. That is Donald Trump. He is not owned by the establishment Republicans and will get things done for the American People.

  7. Jeb is a nice enough fellow, but his biggest liability is being a part of the Bush clan. The Bush clan may have taken the blame for too much, but there is no reason to appoint them to anything more. Drop out now, Jeb. That’s it.

  8. He would do better to run for President of Mexico.
    Maybe they would like to have him. We sure don’t want him!

  9. Jeb is a huge RINO and a Karl Rove puppet…he will not be missed. I pray he drop out sooner than later….We don’t like the Bushes,,,not any of them…They are good friends of Hillary…Karl choose Jeb to lose…..

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